Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas time and want

Christmas is rapidly approaching, well maybe not as rapidly as we think but it will be here before we know it. Luckily for me, I have a majority of presents bought...the wrapping and sending, that's a different story. And I love giving people presents for birthdays and Christmas and Easter and...well hell, I like giving presents to people to see their faces light up (hopefully) when they open a package wrapped as nicely as I can.

And yet...oh you knew there would be an "and yet"....I can't help but think about what *I* want for Christmas and know I won't be getting. Why? Because mostly they are things that are too expensive for people to get me. And without a loving spouse/boyfriend/anyone there that has a good paying job, I'm kinda up the crick.

So what ridiculous things do I want for Christmas that no one has money for? A new car? Nope. I have a car. It's a 93 and runs and I'm thankful for it. A luxurious trip somewhere? Well it would be nice but then I would have to take time off of work and lose money in doing it so...nope. I realized that what I really wanted for a Christmas present, or birthday present for that matter even though my birthday is half a year away, are things I feel I actually need.

A newer computer would be just grand. Mine works (obviously or I wouldn't be posting here), but it's 8 year or so old. That means that the CPU is not as powerful as some of the programs that are out there now so....yeah no games really since my computer can't handle them, and a few programs I do use max out the CPU when I run them. But I doubt anyone is going going to fork out for a computer.

A new microwave would be AWESOME. I have no clue how old the one I inherited is. It works, but I'm starting to worry it's on it's last leg soon. Believe me that it gets a good work out by me a lot of the time. But....probably not something anyone can afford to get me a really good one (I dream of the kind that is also a convection oven as well *droooool*). If I'm really lucky, and can find some way to save money, maybe next year I can find a good sale going on.

Yes I want some sillier items too. An Xbox360 because I want to play the Batman games on it, I'd love to have a blue-ray player since I'm a video nut, and a new vacume cleaner.... the more "in your fucking dreams" items like an actual one bedroom apartment or a new stove/oven for here....but I know that I will get things from people that actually care about me enough to buy me a present. And isn't that enough?

It should be enough to know that my mom will probably send me a few new sweaters (which right now would come in very very handy), and I will get some fun bobbles from friends, and hopefully some Christmas Cards as well. I know we're all hurting when it comes to the pocket book, me included. There are things I would love to do and buy for people, but I just can't. It really IS the thought that counts though. There are a lot of people that just wish that someone would remember them on Christmas. And so I'm trying to stave off the "wants" and accept whatever gift comes my way. Be it cookies, or a card, I know that person cared enough to take the time to think about me. That my friends, equates to love in my books.

And while I don't really have a lot of dosh to throw around, I think that this year there will be the attempt at some Christmas cooking going on here to simply be able to say, "I was thinking of you and love and appreciate you even if we rarely talk or get together. My thoughts and love are with you."