Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well did you ever? What a swell party this is!

Well did ya ever?
You Should Drive a Saturn Sky

You're sleek and smooth, and you need a car to match your hot persona.
Besides, sometimes you want your top up - and sometimes you want it down.

Um....yeah baby!

and then there is
Your Hidden Talent

You have the natural talent of rocking the boat, thwarting the system.
And while this may not seem big, it can be.
It's people like you who serve as the catalysts to major cultural changes.
You're just a bit behind the scenes, so no one really notices.

Me??? A boat rocker? Sure behind the scenes and all that rot because i blend in well to the shadows at times..but a boat rocker? Don't think so, but wait....there is

Your Personality Profile

You are dignified, spiritual, and wise.
Always unsatisfied, you constantly try to better yourself.
You are also a seeker of knowledge and often buried in books.

You tend to be philosophical, looking for the big picture in life.
You dream of inner peace for yourself, your friends, and the world.
A good friend, you always give of yourself first.

Ok now that is just down right creepy. Now babies you know yours truly ain't no saint (although I think there was once a Saint Shadowmichael but I can't be certain), but that does sort of sound like me and that's just wrong that one little damn picture can tell ya that. Ain't gonna hold a lot of stock in it but was fun and thanks to Derreck over at Philosophy By Me for these little insights. I found because he commented on my friend Szymon's blog.

Isn't it at once amazing, and at once rather odd that the blog world is really just that? I mean a world. Szymon is in Poland, Derreck in the Netherlands and I'm in California (thank you Nathan for fixing an almost fatal error with "me and I"), but yet we somehow stumble upon each other.

Ya just got to love it. Sorry that this was a bit odd and short and nothing terribly exciting, but I just felt like posting and this seemed like fun don'tcha know? The weekend is poppin up fast (being that it starts tomorrow!) and I had even forgotten that tomorrow should be pay day being that it's the 1st as well. Guess I should pay my rent so I can keep bloggin huh?

Ah my little babies out there, this hip cat daddio is ready for some R & friggin R! There are plays to be seen, an Fajita Fiesta to be thrown (so I guess I better get to the store tomorrow), videogames to be played, another birthday party to attend, and in the whole mix of it...just some actually fun to be had. So you all better dig what I'm puttin down here and slide yourselves out to the street for a bit of that handjive good time ju-ju madness this weekend, or this little hipcat is gonna be grumpy!

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!
and especially on this labor day weekend, be careful out there if you have to drive!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Well that's the scoop

Well Hidy-Ho neighbors (and neighborettes). Woof, half way through the week and I'm still feeling "allllright...can't help myself..." (kudos to those that might know what song I was quoting there.)

Ah kittens, ya know, work has been relatively ok this week so far. Minor irritants aside, we have a new worker starting this week. The guy is ... hm, what's the best wording for this... HOT! Ok, I know I know, but please this guy has these eyes that just are amazingly clear, crystaline, piercing, and gorgeous. Doesn't hurt that he's a waifish looking chap that today showed up in a mock turtleneck ... black...of course. Now I know that this boy has to be straight but DA-um! Sigh, of course he's probably half my age as well....and as Queen would say, "Another one bites the dust." Still, having eye candy to work with is always a good thing (he says hopefully).

So I had the photoshoot and the video aspect of my life is almost done done done! I still have to go in and ADR (don'tcha love technical terms?) my dialogue, but hey, that shouldn't be that hard right? Hm.. keep yer fingers crossed that it's not for me ok? The best part is that the film will be pushed at the small film festival market. As a guy that spent over 15 years in theater from Jr. High through the few years of college and beyond, it's pretty exciting to me. Hell, this could be the thing to help kick my ass into gear and start auditioning again. Ya never know where this could go and ain't that the fun in life sometimes?

So I present for your entertainment (and possible disgust) the before in makeup shot, and the after shot which is the new and improved Shadowmichael!

So....can you tell who is a happy camper to have that beastly beard shorn from his face? That's right, your's truly. Friggin thing is finally gone. I'm not saying I won't grow another one, but more of a traditional and more pristine beard when I decide I want one again. I appologise to anyone that has now lost site in one or both eyes.

And what about this ring?

That little guy resting on my pinky was a gift, a quite unexpected one that I got at work this past week. I have two customers that run (own?) a resturaunt called Baklava. They're pretty cool Turkish guys and the food ROCKS there. They come in every morning for coffee and I try and engage them (not that way thank you very much) in a little light joking around. So one day, I go to take their money and A (I don't know their names) looks at me and says,

"Here" dropping the ring in my hand.
"Nice.", I say.
"Try it on.", says A. So I do. It fits although a little loose.

now the problem is that I don't remember what was said next other than A telling me, "Keep it." I thought he was joking. What you can't tell from this picture is that it's a pretty heavy ring and it's real silver (not the expensive sort mind ya) and a really great piece of Hematite set nicely on top. I mean, who just gives out rings? I kept asking him if he was serious, and he just started laughing and kept saying, "It's yours. Keep it". The final words from A were, "I'm a Turk. What, I have lots of rings. It's yours."

Well, I think this is the start of good things. Why? I had to look up Hematite again to see what mystic properties it has and here's what I found. Pretty good if you ask me. This is a quote from some page, but I also found this site.

The root "hem/o" means "blood". When ground or cut, this blackish gray metallic stone forms a reddish powder. Hematite forms a reflective shield around the wearer, letting negativity bounce off and return to the sender. Wearers should remember however, that their own negativity will be reflected to them if they are its source. It is therefore a "lesson stone", teaching the aware to release and ground their negativity. It is also said to aid in mental attunement, memory enhancement and in disorders of the blood.

So there ya go, don'tcha? That's my excitement of late. Labour Day is coming up and I get the day off from work, I plan on seeing Romeo and Juliet this week, and who knows what wacky things are going to happen this weekend? I think that things are starting to get better babies. So don't y'all go mopin out there, cause I'm hoping that all of you have fabulous plans for the weekend, and if ya don't, well hell just gimme a call!

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A quicky....with possible surprises

Well babies, this has to be a bit of a quick posting. I need to do a bit o' the resting before tonight because I'm supposed to be at a photoshoot.

For those that don't know, I've been working with a friend's band (Atomic Mint) on a video for one of their songs. What I didn't realize at first was that the video was going to be be a short film. Well, the good news is that filming is done! Tonight's shoot is for more promo stuff because our director wants to submit the movie to short film festivals. Pretty exciting stuff to me actually. I have only one last thing to do for this little endevour (and from the clips I've seen it look friggin rockin!!) and that is to rerecord my dialogue. Hopefully, this will all be cut and spliced and pasted and out in the can before too much longer. I'm just glad that I'm not the one that has that kind work ahead of them so Kudos to my director Scott!!

I have some new pictures of my little nephew Brenden, but that's for another post. And the story of the mysterious ring that is now on my pinky! Where did it come from and WHO gave it to me? Well you'll just have to wait now won'tcha?

The weather here is absolutely dismal right now...the sun is out and my weather program tells me it's a hellaciously hot 67 and I can hear a bit of the breeze out there too! Oh weep for me my friends and loved one.

Now..all I gotta do is make it to the weekend. Yup, I actually have some plans being, finally making it out to see Romeo and Juliet with my lovely friend Doll in the cast...and then there is a birthday party on Sunday...and on Monday? WOO HOO BABIES!! We're closed and I'm planning on surprising D&H by going and buying some meat and cooking for them. H told me last night that with my little B only being a month old...well, there's not a lot of cooking going on in that house right now so I think they deserve a little treat don't you?

Ok....time to see how bad the movie version of Stephen King's Desparation can be (and I'm not expecting much here folks)...but the crowing achievement of the day will be getting in my car and turning on the brand new Bob Dylan album!!!!!

Ok..I think it's time I watch a bad horror movie to prepare for getting' me picture all taken like. ;)

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Friday, August 25, 2006


Oh's finally the weekend and my schedual is about to clear up! Yes, the past couple of months have been wierd and somewhat hectic feeling with things to do...but now? I have a wedding to go to this afternoon and after that, I have the whole month of September open (with a few exceptions) on the weekends! Yes!!! Lazy time for this little camper, and perhaps without "engagements" looming over my head like buzzards ready to attack, I can find the time to finally get out there and start living! In other words getting up to SF to see the Faaabulous men I met during Pride weekend like Kalvin, JR, Dan, and who knows maybe even Chad Fox.

What's new for me? Well I'm still waiting for the CD of my lovely Ivri Lider from my buddy Adam's girlfriend damn it. Talk about dangling a carrot infront of a horse's eyes! (in Chinese astrology I am year of the Horse....what year are you?)

I got an interesting invite from a nice gentlemen in Poland recently. I linked him last night and it's taking some time to read his site. It's in Polish with an English translation, but please take the time to check it out. It's an eye opener for me. He's a gay man living in what seems to be a VERY oppressive society. So, drop by Szymon's site and say "Hi" ok? (besides, the picture of what I assume to be Szymon himself ... well he's a cuty hehe)

Now....if I can just survive the wedding ceremony, and get to the reception where I can hug my friend and tell her how gorgeous she is, so I can eat a little food and then get the hell back home, so I can take off my shoes and lay down on my futon and watch a movie, and maybe nosh on some Ben and Jerry's, and then probably fall asleep watching a movie.....I'll be much happier ;)

And if anyone hasn't been over there this week, you better check out Secret Simon's site because he's been making some amazing pictures ALL week!

Everybody have a GREAT weekend! Go out there and hug your friends, kiss a cuty, do a little dancin, sing a little song..just enjoy yourselves!

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Monday, August 21, 2006

An odd blog

First of all, thank you all for the sweet words and thoughts on my last post. The funny thing is that by the time I had finished writing it, I was actually feeling a lot better. That's why I chose the Beatlesesque word "Blue-ish". But it's nice to know that I have so many great folks out there reguardless.

So I started writing this last night (what follows) and had to save it as a draft for various reasons, so part of this post is from last night, part from tonight..

I just came back (computerwise) from Voyeur Nation, the website of a man I had never met, never talked to, and sadly didn't know. A lot of my friends did know him. There are lovely tributes to Marc all over the blogsphere right now. What saddens me is that they have taken down the posting that were up last night. It was the only way I had to know who this person was, and some of what he had to say really hit home for me. I wish that they hadn't taken down the posting he had put up about, if memory from last night serves, a Joy Log. How did I manage to miss this guy? From all I could read last night, he was truly amazing. If you want to know what he was like, I say look at these folks blogs to see what an impact a person can make on a group of people. To all that knew Marc, I am so sorry for your loss. And I'm sorry for myself not having gotten to meet him in time.

Very lovely tributes can be found posted by Ryan, Atari, Brad, Dan, Richard, Rey, and
Hypoxic. As I said, it just goes to show you that EVERYONE makes an impact on this world in small ways, and those small ways can blossom into something beautiful. I would just like to send everyone that knew Marc a very warm and heartfelt hug. You were the lucky ones.

On the opposite side of things, my own personal life seems to be a bit...well odd. There is a lot of drama around the coffee shop that I didn't know about. Three breakups within the course of the weekend it seems and it may have to do with one person. Now THAT is kinda scary if you ask me.

Aside from that, my friend Adam is now travelling South to school. I wound up last night driving to see him one last time (and what the hell was I thinking about going out at 11pm on a work night when I get up at 5ish in the morning?). They were bowling, and I got to meet....the girlfriend. Now, I knew that he was straight, but there is still some odd delusional aspect to me that just hoped (if ever so slightly) because...well...reasons I guess I'd have to explain later. Just I didn't know that he thought of me as a friend as well. See, we knew each other pretty much in passing during the mornings at the coffee shop. Still, it's kinda amazing what sort of friendships you can build up that way. I'll miss seeing him in the morning though I can tell ya. And the girlfriend? Damn it...she's pretty, and very intelligent (as a matter of fact he and his friends were discussing political things that just boggled my little actor's brain!). Still, I do always like to think of my friends being happy so how can I be upset too much...other than he's straight hehe.

I've started reading some new blogs, well new for me and I have to point you out to one really hip lady named Merle. She's a crack up. While I haven't yet emailed her, or really gotten to know her at all...just go check out her site and you tell me that you're not going to go back and see what she writes next!

I'm still pondering Marc's last post and especially his food for thought 1-10 (you can find that at the bottom of his post and I encourage everyone to read them). I mean, how often have I told my friends lately that I love them? And how can you ever truly know the impact you are going to make on someone's life? Well...Marc, since I know you must be "up there", you've made me start looking at a brighter side of life over the last couple of days. I just hope that my "impact" can be as empowering to someone else.

Now go out there and hug your friends damn it! Go out and paint a picture. Go out and stand in a park and sing like Julie Andrews in Sound Of Music for cryin out loud!! Babies...while the ride can be slightly down sometimes, don't forget that everyday you're've made someone else happy. And that, my friends, is enough to keep me going for a long long time.

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Am I blue-ish

Oh darlins...I just don't know sometimes. I mean, here I am going about my day and then stuff seems to hit ya square in the face sometimes. So, here I sit listening right now to Rufus Wainwright which is helping a bit. Why so bummed? (although it's not like I'm completely down in the dumps) Just realizing what I don't think I'll ever have. Stupid and very non Buddhistic of me, but after going over to see my little Brenden....and watching D&H with him, I realized I'll never have that. I'll never have a little guy, or girl, squigglin and screamin in my arms. It's a saddening actually. Kinda like looking in a window at a Christmas display where everything seems all perfect (even though I know it's not), and knowing that it's all just an illusion of your mind. But sometimes what I wouldn't give for that illusion ya know?

Ah fuck this...ya know Bob Marley once was quoted as saying "It is what it is from beginning to end." Ain't that just the truth? Bill Hicks said that "it's just a ride". Makes sense to some degree. It's a crazy ass ride too. Sometimes I think it's dull and boring and then you hit that rollercoaster level of stuff where you just dropped 80 feet down and are about to hit the loops. Sometimes scary, sometimes exciting, but mostly I wind up screaming because it's fun.'s that for a new quote about life? "I wind up screaming because it's fun"...think I'm gonna put that on a T-shirt hehe.

I got to hang out last night with my friend Adam and catch up a little with him post Israel, and pre moving to So Cal. He was down at my shop last night and then I wound up hangin out with him and his friend as they played guitars. Damn them both cause they were amazing. It was a pretty amazingly cool night. We were outside under the stars (before the clouds rolled in), and no lights to speak of, and them just playin and singing. I haven't had a night like that in a while. Made me think of college to some degree.

The last year in college (before I was asked not to come back...yup, pretty much kicked out of college), I shared a house with my friend Ed. Now Ed played guitar pretty damn well, and he had a thing for the Greatful Dead. The house (which is in a small town in Texas) had a front porch which we had a couple of beat up cushy chairs and at one point an old beat up couch on. I remember coming in and there would be Ed just playing some Dead song, maybe something by The Band, and we'd sit there just singing together and him playing. There's something really magical about times like that. Something that I seem to have forgotten until last night.

I miss singing actually. I'm thinking about hitting a site on the internet and seeing if I can find some Cat Stevens tabs to download and see if I can get my fingers back to playing. Yup...I dabble in guitar. I'd say I play but I haven't for months. Same could be said about piano but that's probably been a few years now. Ya gotta love being able to make music. Now if I could just get past the fear of making wrong note, feel a bit more confident in what I was doing, and take some lessons maybe I could actually do some more writing. (I have written a in one...and now I don't know how I managed to do that)

Well this is a rambly kinda message and I'm starting to feel a bit better about things. After all, I have folks that love me. I have folks that I consider my family reguardless of not being related to them. I got good friends. And even H called today and said to me "Brenden hasn't seen his Uncle Michael in a while, when you coming over?" Now if that's not a little taste of heaven, what is really?

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Almost time...again...finally

Well kittens, it is almost the weekend again. I actually have some plans this time around. Going to see Romeo And Juliet this weekend, hopefully tomorrow if I'm not too tired out. Last week when I went, I was still trying to shake the cobwebs out of my brain and it wasn't as enjoyable as it could have been. This time, plan on coming home after work, shnacking, and just resting up til show time.

So I was looking at last night's post and what a whiner I am! the hell do you folks put up with me? eesh.

I did put a new little doo-dad up on the site though (and seeing as a few folks have jumped the blogger ship to a newer site..I'm thinkin...which is scary). There's this place called MEEZ.Com Kinda fun and kinda dumb at the same time but my little rocking clockin an' shockin Meez down there makes me smile. Fun, but a waste of time...but fun heheh.

So my friend Adam got back from Israel in one piece safe and sound. Good news to me, although he leaves for school on Monday (bad news to me) because even though he's not a "hang out and talk all the time" kinda friend (he's really an "I know him because he's a regular customer but I'd like to hang out with him" kinda friend), he's a cool guy. How cool is he you may ask. I'm waiting. Go ahead, ask. Well he's cool enough to bring me two cds from Israel of my favorite pop singer Ivri Lider. Now...I just have to wait until he comes in the shop and delivers them. (hopefully tomorrow!)

And there ya have it. Nothin going on but the rent right now. Had some odd problems with my cell today. It seemed to want to switch over to a headset mode. Wouldn't be that bad except I don't own one! Ah well...seems to be fixed now though.

God..I am looking forward to the idea of going to an art store for some supplies soon. I need to check my pens, and this is of course if I get off my lazy ass to actually work on some projects I had started a long time ago. That, and I'm thinking that since my phone seems to want to switch to a handless headset...well why not if I can find one that I like and isn't too expensive. Any suggestions?

Ok....well maybe there will be mucho fabuloso news this weekend. Hell, maybe I'll meet the man of my dreams (or of a couple of hours) at the show tomorrow. Who the hell knows eh? Till then...

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Well did ya ever?

Sexy Handsome Adonis Delivering Orgasms and Worship

Now ain't that a kick in the head? Yeah baby! Rrrrraaar! ;)


Man Imparting Carnal Hugs and Arousing, Erotic Loving

And....We're back

Does anyone but me have good taste? I mean you like those Italian shirts and nicely cut slacks? You find yourself wanting to try things on and then you look at the price tag and wonder...

"You want me to honestly give up around HALF my paycheck that I just got for a pair of pants?!"

...and so you walk out of the store slightly dejected but still determined to find something that looks nice. You try Hugo Boss and feel as if the clothes are laughing behind your back as you walk in. The $600 jacket actually snickers at you as you pass by it, eyeing it and fingering the material only momentarily. The shirts stare you down as if you say "Yeah, right. Come back when you're a real shopper." And you leave feeling slightly worse for the (yeah you know there's a pun here) wear.

So you try Macy's. It's kinda a gay stand-by don't ya think? Good old Macy's. And after looking at such quality all looks like stuff you'd find on the sale racks of Sears now. BORING! And as you wander out grumbling to yourself slightly, you think about Nordstroms which is not that far to walk in the mall...but realize it's going to be more of the same disappointment. You want that pair of $350 Italian pants and the $560 Velvet jacket from Hugo Boss. you go into the last bastion of hope. The store that used to be the crowning glory for you in your gothy youth....Hot Topics. Armed with that gift card that you received for your birthday you are determined that you WILL find something you like, hell, it's Hot Topics for fuck sake! You look at the racks of clothes, realize they aren't for you. Realize that the entire wall is now T-shirts of bands you either don't care about or haven't heard of. And then it really kicks in...there is ABSOLUTELY NO Men's clothing to speak of...let alone anything that looks gothish except for the boots which you're not really that interested in anyway.

Lesson to learn here? I have expensive tastes and not the capital to buy them. Secondly, the malls are evil. Thirdly, Hot Topics is dying a slow death....

Le sigh.

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Well babies, it's more birthday madness than you can shake a stick at! (and believe me I tried to shake a stick at mine this year but it still showed up nonetheless) I think that God must just love Leos or something...maybe us Cancers too don'tcha know?

At any rate, I just wanted to pop out a quick Happy Birthday to my buddy Jon. (He's supposed to post the pictures of what he's been working on today!!) So go over there and give him a big hug and say Happy Birthday. That way you can look at his artwork and see what he's been creating. Speaking of, I'm proud to say that I have this in my collection now. Yup....I was the lucky guy that bought Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf.

And hey hey's also Alden's birthday! (what is it with artist having birthdays on the same day?) I haven't bought any of his work, but I'm still kinda hoping he'll make some prints (hint hint). Ya might want to be careful if you send him a hug cause he's a Viking! ;)

So a big Happy Birthday to ya both! *Streamers flying! Confetti!!*Two amazingly sweet guys (even if Alden professes to be evil) that yours truly does digeth the mostest.

And's time for me to be in bed. Looks like the tickets are going to be taken care of so I can actually see go out to see Rey when he's at home. And, I think I'm almost caught up on bills! Ok, so it may not be that groovy to you cats but believe you me certainly rocks my little world. Dig?

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD. Be Loved!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's a

Ya ever noticed that there are those times you sit down and you're ready to post a new sounds odd, then life just up and seems to get busy on ya? Well, that was me for some reason. It's like time is not deciding to either speed up or slow down on a whim. Lately, it seems I turn around and hours have gone by and I haven't updated and blah blah blah.

So...Since I got permission from D&H to do this, I'd like to introduce ya to my little "nephew". He's still adorable and this was one of the cuter pictures of him. Yeah, I think I'm in love hehe. And the flowers behind him were from my garden. Ya gotta love roses.

So speaking of, my friend Jon wanted me to post some pictures of my garden. Since right now things are starting to die-back a bit. Unfortunately, in looking at my picture files, I think I deleted stuff off my camera I hadn't downloaded! Grrr....picture of an idiot in full effect (me that is hehe).

Apparently, I am a magnet for the bizzare lately. Friday night when I went to see Taming of the Shrew (and my friend Doll was adorable!), I wound up sitting in the back row for Act II. Not that bad really because for some odd reason I was able to understand the actors better. Go fig. I don't know. The real problem was the woman across the aisle from me who obviously had already had more chardonnay than she should have. I swear I was about ready to go over and slap the bitch! At some point in the show after Katherine (the shrew) gave some very shrewish line, this audience member decided to pipe up and say "Well she must be a Capricorn.", and not solto voto (quietly). Yeah lady, you're sitting in your damn living room watch the TV and not watching live theatre with other people. I mean really!

But, then my friend Chryssa hits me over the head with a lead balloon in her post recently about not forgetting to be thankful for the little things, and how we all bitch but it's really just minor stuff that we should get over. Well she's right. Yup, I'll call it as I sees it and Chryssa's righter than rain baby. Cause ya know, it is an odd phenomenon that we all like to complain a bit ya know? So how am I gonna get past that and remind myself to be thankful for what I have? Well I got friends and my fam to do that. And, that little bugger up there in the picture.

I'm attempting to get my first podcast off the ground here, but it's taking some time. Of course, I also have to find a place to host it and there are free sites out there, but I need to do some reading because I don't really understand hosting. Hell, I don't understand a lot about the computer realm.

And what was the big "holy shit!" news? Well it happened on Friday which was my boss' birthday and he happened in to work. He hands me a card saying sorry he was late with it. I say no problem and start to put it down. He says, "No no no. You gotta suffer along with me." So I open it. Funny card about turning 40 and all but inside is a piece of paper from Expedia. He's booked me a flight out to New Jersey for a weekend. Now, I may complain about work, but I have to say I have a pretty friggin cool boss. :) (course now I have to talk to him about changing the dates otherwise I won't get to see Rey) So yeah, looks like October could be the month to undo me entirely because I hope to go to Disneyland with Doll and James at the end of the month, fly out and visit Rey at the beginning, see the Dresden Dolls in the middle, and go to Yoai Con towards the end of the month. *blink blink* I think I need to start exorcising.

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Oh my

You know, sometimes the amazing thing about life is it's wierd quirky Cosmic Fish that whap ya upside the head at times. Today .... well odd things are apparently abrewin' for me. Not odd as in bad, but just one of those "um...holy shit!" in a good way type things.

I'm hoping to make it to see my friends in Taming of the Shrew tonight. Gotta love the idea of Shakespeare in the park (or in this case woods sort of). And it's the weekend so there is sleep to finally be had for me tonight until I can't sleep any damn more! (unless my mom calls me at ungodly hours of the morning)

What will the weekend bring? Well who knows...but I'm sure if it's anything like the surprise I got today, let's just say that things could be looking way up for me.

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A short note

I'm lame tonight folks...sorry. It's late, I should be asleep but I finally am feeling tired. Perils of me eating too late in the evening I guess.

Something in me just says that it's time again to say thank you to my friends. Thank you to the people that have opened up their hearts to me and let me get to know them. I don't often call or email, I know. I'm bad about that lately. I'm stuck in a bit of a life rut that I'm trying to break out of slowly. It doesn't mean that I don't think about you. As a matter of fact, I do care a great deal about my friends and their well being.

I was listening to Dionne Warwick again tonight singing What The World Needs Now is love sweet love. Ain't that the truth? So just know that you are all loved, if only by the guy sitting behind this wierd little machine making colored pixels map out on a screen.

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hello? Is this thing on?

No darlins, I did not fall off the side of the world whilest trying to prove it round and finding it flat. Just seems that almost every time I sit down to type something, nothing would come really. Now ain't that kick in the rubber parts? For a guy that has his sight set on trying to figure out how to get back into living a creative life to have nothing to say? Well ok, it was all pretty much just blah blah blah stuff, daily shite, and me feelin sorry for myself at times but getting over it.

Now trust me, I do have more to say and I'm sure I'll type again later but here's the big skinny for those that don't read their site, Ryan is home and that's about all that I needed to get a little smile on my face. Hell, he's my little brother (although as ya know most of my "family" ain't my blood relations) and yeah, I was worried. Pneumonia is nothing to sneeze at. thinks I just hit bad pun central with that. Somehow though, I knew he was going to be fine. He's an amazingly strong guy (whether or not he knows this fact) so I knew that he'd pull through alright. Luckily for him, he has the best boyfriend in the world taking care of him for a little while longer. While I still feel bad that I tend to talk more with Ryan (and email etc) than I do with Mike, well if you knew them both you'd know they seem perfect for each other. So yeah, Ryan may be my little brother, but Mike is in the family too because I know what a good guy he is, and what a good heart he's got. So y'all go over and show them BOTH some love ok?

Now, I'm going to go lay down, watch BRICK (which I've been waiting for in earnest) and hopefully not fall asleep.

MORE TO COME *with appologies to Johnny Carson*

And we're back. Well let me tell ya babies, BRICK surpassed any expectations I had for the film. Do ya like Noir? Do ya like 40's tough guys? Do ya love Joseph Gorden-Levitt (you know that kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun)? this one and trust me!

So today was apparently stupid day without me knowing it. My cell was cut off because I thought I had paid the bill...wrong. And customers were idiots. It started like this

Me: What kind of bagel to you want?
Guy: Yeah, a bagel.
Me: Yes, what KIND of bagel do you want?
Guy: Yeah I want a bagel
*we finally worked that one out eventually*
Me: So you want that with cream cheese? Toasted?
Guy: No, no.
Me: Sliced?
Guy: No that's ok.
Me: Ok, *as I start to put said bagel into bag*
Guy: Oh, could I get that with cream cheese?
Me : *trying to maintain* Sure.
Guy: Oh, could you toast that too?

So that was the start of my day. Then there was the guy that had this little problem with his order.

Guy: And a quiche please.
Me: Ok, what kind? I've got mushroom, spinach, or ham.
Guy: I'll take the combo.
Me: Pardon? I have mushroom, spinach, or ham.
Guy: Oh...mushroom.
*seems to be over and done with doesn't it? Order is up and hot and I call it out to which said customer picks up his food as I return to the reg*
Guy: *with a bite taken out of said quiche* Hey, this is a quiche, not a knish.
Me: *again trying to maintain* I'm sorry. I thought you said quiche.
Guy: No I wanted a knish.
Me: I could make you a...
Guy: no no..that's fine.

Ok children pop quiz. Does a minature quiche look like a knish? I'll provide picturers. On the left is a Knish, looking very delightfull and flaky, and on the right, a quiche looking very eggy and tasty. Can YOU tell the difference?

Oh the joys of being me at times.

So what else is going on in Michael land? Well, not a lot really, but a lot of hectic energy around lately. The shop is keeping me pulling what is left of my hair out because of constantly changing schedual and coworkers to the point that I have no idea who I'm going to be working with the next day sometimes. And the customers....oh my customers (don't get me wrong I do like them but some folks are just DUMB!).

Now over on my blogroll (which really needs some tending to right now) is a guy that I think you should go over and check out. Jon makes are out of found objects and the things that you and I would normally just toss out as trash. That in and of itself is worthy of praise if you ask me. He just won First place for one of his pieces (which you can see on his site) and I'm just pleased as punch for him. He's also a major sweetheart of a guy. So head over there and check out what he's be able to do with "trash".

Yeah, shameless plug for a friend's page but's MY site here so I can say what I want to. And if I can't, I'm gonna hold my breath until I turn gay!

At any rate, I need to get off me bum and order my mom's birthday present, while I consider what to get two coworkers for thier birthday this weekend, AND I have yet another birthday coming on Tuesday! I'm going to be broke hehe.

Thanks to everyone that stops by this wierd little place of mine. I constantly notice that I'm getting folks from other sites that don't leave comments, and that's cool, but if you want to tickle my fancy a bit (naughty wicked campers!) take a little time and add yourself to my little Frapper map. I put it up there cause I thought it would be fun to see where everyone was from. I don't think you're forced to join Frapper either...course I'm not sure now about that but hey, humor me ok?

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lammas, my little brother, peace, and babies

Oh darlins. As I'm sitting here listenin' to Ivri Lider (for those that know how to read Hebrew..try here)sing to me in Hebrew (ok, I have no idea what's being said/sung but I love him nonetheless), I'm still reeling from going over to D&H's tonight and meeting my little nephew. I'm sure you're all going to be quite violently ill hearing about this little bugger so much but...he is so damn CUTE!

There's something magikal about holding a baby in your arms. And yes, I spelled that properly for the intention of the word. I remind folks that as a pagan, there is a difference between magik and magic. The one with the "c" is done by stage magicians and illusionist. The one with the "k" talks about the mystic, spell casting, etc. So....I digress,

I held him today and for the first time in my life, I felt this little wriggly guy and it felt oddly so right. He may not be my kid, but I know now that I am going to love him like he was/is. Five days old and looking into his eyes, I did see the entire universe. I know that he wasn't really looking at me yet because he's not quite old enough to really pick up on that kinda thing...but he looked at me. God I felt such a rush of love pouring out to him. I can't wait to see what the next year is going to bring them and me. I'm planning on spoiling this kid as much as I can (well within limits. I think a little spoiling is a good thing, too much is a bad thing).

The down side of the day is that my little brother Ryan was taken to the hospital. He has pneumonia. You best believe that tonight on Lammas, all my thoughts are focussed out there to him. So, even if you don't know him, just take the time to send him all your good thoughts for a speedy recovery ok? He's a really dear person to me. Yeah, I love my friends a lot. So Ryan, even though you can't read this right now...get well buddy.

And last night I had a thought (yeah that's dangerous now ain't it?). While I haven't tried what Alden suggested to me about how to try and make my five minute post a permanent link at the top (for a while), I think it's worth trying. Why? Because it hit me. Ya know what chittlins? We have progressed so far in terms of violent actions that you don't have to be anywhere near anyone to do them bodily harm. Ya thought about that? We have sniper rifles, missles that you don't have to be anywhere near your "enemy" to fire, satellites that tell us where to send things to blow folks up....and you never have to see the person. Is that scary and sad to any one but me?

I'm not anti-gun persey. But I tell ya, if you think about the fact that in the "old days" you had to know how to wield a sword and you had to look at the person you were fighting...well, it almost makes the concept of what we have now far too clean if ya ask me. I wonder how many people would be able to fire that missle if they could see the eyes of the person it was being sent to blow up? It just bothers me a lot lately. Drive by shootings? Do they even seen the person they're firing at? And what would they do if they had only a sword, or mace, or two handed ax? Yeah babies...anyone can pull a trigger, or push a button. It's almost impersonal. Just wish I knew why we keep coming up with new inventive ways to hurt each other bodily.

Ack....maudlin! But it still plays in my mind like a bad loop. Kinda like when you get that loop of "all the leaves are brown (leaves are brown)" stuck in your head. And I tell ya, I don't want any of my nieces, or nephews having to deal with these thoughts, but I think they're stickin around unfortunately. That is until we get our heads out of our asses.

In the meantime my lovely little birdies, please don't forget to take some time and think about peace ok? And please don't forget my friend Ryan in your prayers either if you wouldn't mind. Even if you don't believe in a God, just send him some good thoughts ok? AND...know that out here, somewhere in the frey, there's someone thinking about you as well..and hoping that you're well and happy. So you better be having a FAAAAbulous time of life babies... or Mama is gonna kick some collective ass!

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!!