Friday, September 29, 2006

My family....or part one

So I want to talk about my little sister. She who is amazing to me because I've known her now for over 10 years and she has just grown by leaps and bounds and I love her to death. What brought this on? Well, I have a picture of her from Folsom and I wanted her permission first of all before I posted it. She said yes, and here she is...looking fierce and hot between two Sisters of Perpetual sweet little Delirium herself

Yeah....she's a sexy bitch (and she knows it!). I don't often talk enough about the folks that are my family so here goes. And if this bores you, too damn bad cause I love me some my little sister so shut the hell up (hehe).

I met her waaaaaay back years ago when I was doing theater. I was an actor, sound designer, set constrution, tech director, sometimes light or sound operator, and even directed a few summer shows (ok they were only 30 minute shows but they all went over really well...least I think they did). Her parents are the most amazing people who are just as warm and loving as she is. They would invite the entire cast over for a big pasta dinner after the final performance of any given show..well that's how I remember it at least.

So over the years I got to know Deli better and we share a lot of similar things in terms of religion, philosophies, what guy is hot hehe...and most importantly to me, she let me be myself 100%. If I wanted to be a big ol' queen, she was right there with me on it. If I wanted to discuss the faerie folk, she'd put in her advice and comments and never laughed at me. She'll kick my ass when I need it too, and she's not afraid to do it. (another reason why I love her so much)

So what you may ask. Big deal? Well honeys, this woman is amazing because she started her own face painting and makeup design business. Manages to cook like a mutha-fucka. Dresses up to the nines! (and here she is in her Angel costume when we went to see the opening of the movie RENT) Now she proffessed to me lately that she is a camera whore. So I thought I would surprise her by also showing that she is a diva bitch from green hell....and that's why we love her too ;)

She loves that know the one...yeah, that one that you tend to show off to family and friends at times? Kinda like this... She's also the one that in the middle of the movie Peter Pan (the latest live action one that I adored), when Peter was crying "I do believe in Faeries, I do. I do!" (and don't ask me why but it always gets to me that scene...yeah I'm a softy) handed me a thimble. Well babies, I could have just broken down in tears like a little bitch over that. Why? Cause it's what Wendy gave to Peter as a "kiss". (he gave her an acorn as a "kiss") Now and forever baby....acorns and thimbles to ya!

Well that's my sis. Last reason to love her? Cuase she is an incredibly fun bundle of energy and love and light. I couldn't live with out her, and now the world knows that too. So one or two last pictures cause I love these of her. They show off what a card she can be and I think capture a lot of her true nature.

I sure nuff do love my little Chryssaburger

and the bitch thought she'd only get one picture up here hehe

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What's all this mess?

Hey! Here's my great "I don't know what to write but I realize I feel like updating the blog" blog. [Brought to you by Unmentionables. Unmentionables, for when you're feeling naughty.]

So, I keep realizing off and on that in a week I'm flying out to New Jersey. (and I know that Rey is gonna read this but...) I'm a little freaked. Why? Well, I'll be outside my enviorment essentially. I'm so friggin stuck in my patterns that even a trip up to SF seems slightly foreign to me at times. I know I'll be fine and I know I'm going to have a blast...but it's that little twindge of being in a strange place that I have no idea about that just wierds me a little bit. Still, I get to see Rey and I may even try and persuade him to go out to Kerioki and sing hehe ;) Maybe I've just forgotten what it's like to not have to worry about work and so the concept of actually relaxing a bit is just freaky? F-it! I'm leaving on a jet plane in a week and I'm gonna do up this mini vacation like no body's bi'ness!

I've been downloading, like a madman, new podcasts. Thanks to Jim I now get to listen to a really wide variety of subjects when I go out walking. I even recently found some pagan podcasts and personally...I think that's friggin righteous! So, that is my subtle way of saying thank you again to a great guy named Jim for makin me very happy indeed. Plus introducing me to new bands! (I'm lovin Jack's Mannequin and Lovedrug by the way!)

And Nathan over at Nathan Exposed asked me recently about my own podcast that I still have the concept of doing., my question to Dan and Adam ...when the hell do you have to time to put these together?! I have maybe 10 minutes of stuff recorded, I have an idea for what I want the show to be like, but damn it...these things take forever! Ok, so maybe it's because I want to add sound effects and have "regular" characters and...I guess I'm still envisioning my own private radio show. Just never seems to be enough time to get around to working on it and doing what I want, plus working. Oh...and needing to have a hosting site hehe. But I tell ya, I'm still planning on it. Maybe you all can tune in soon? If I can get off my lazy ass!

And while I'm being all randomfied, I just want to give a great big Congratulations! to my friend Mike over at Boys Are So Ugly But So Cute. If you're wondering why? (and if you haven't read Mike and Ryan's site...well here's your chance) There are major big changes about to happen for him and I'm just proud as hell of him and happy for them both. Sides, Mike and Ryan both kick ass in my opinion...and they're cute too ;)

Well, this was the lamest posting, and possibly most random, I think I have ever read (he says in his best Groucho Marx voice).

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD!! Be Love!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Leather and daddies and cubs...OH MY!

MyHeritage - track your genealogical lineage

Well and why the hell not. I get to be in a pretty good classification here! Bob, Oscar, Rob...and Orsen! Fun stuff but maybe I can find one picture of me where I'm actually smiling? Oish *rolling eyes*

Oh kittens. What a day what a day. I was out at the Folsom Street Faire and bumpin na...elbows with Kalvin, Jr., Big Red Dave, and of course Dan. It was great to see these guys again because I hadn't seen any of them since Pride this year (which is entirely my fault). And believe me kittens....they are a swell group to be around! (My nipples may never be the same hehe)

I also go the great opertunity to see Daniel Cartier perform, and then oddly as fate would have it, went and had some coffee with him. He has a great voice, and he's a really sweet guy. (did I mention he was hot as well?) So that started things off with a major bang for me!

I have pictures to post, but I think I'm going to see if I can do it ala Flickr. Oh...alright, there are two that I think are really worthy of being seen, and there's no nudity so ... sorry heh. So many hot guys, so little time.

Yes little hot gothy number made a definate show of putting his arm around his girlfriend (damn it). But hey...the guy working the corsette booth....MINE MINE MINE!

and of course there were drag queens like this little hot number

And this sexy woman that wanted to kiss me...HEY! Wait a minute, that ain't no woman...that's Miss Trixie!

Ah well...I'll leave ya with a kiss and a wave from the lovely sites of Folsom Street Faire 2006....and damn, do I have to wait an entire year for the next one?

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

My name is Michael and I'm an addict

Well hello there kittens and kitten-ettes! It's the weekend woo hoo! It's sunny outside, there are birds (somewhere out there I think) singing, my rose bush is about to bloom again and I am....sitting in my studio on the computer?!? Well that's gotta change soon.

I wanted to talk about something horrible. Something nefarious! Something with such implications to my personal life that I'm not sure how to stop it....that's right...I'm an addict. I'm addicted to Podcasts now. I spent part of yesterday after work looking at podcasts on Itunes (well hell babies they are free after all) and now I'm downloading like crazy. I fear for my computer's capacity. Luckily for me I have a second hard drive!

Having recieved a little present in the form of a Nano recently (thanks again Jim! I am forever greatful!!), I've started walking at night, and attempting to ride my bike more. I always said that I would if I had an Ipod because ya know, carrying around a cd player, and then cds to go with it, isn't really condusive to being light and breezy in terms of cycling or walking. Now though...oh dear god I'm an addict to this little wonderous device! Not only do I get to hear news podcast, but there's Adam, Darin, Dan, Chad Fox, Justin....well you get the picture. And then in Itunes there's more shite than you can imagine in the Podcast section. Hm...maybe I need another hard drive just for mp3s and podcasts?

And if you came here thinking that you wouldn't see another posting about this...well...."Hey Conky. What's the word of the day?"

"Hey M-m-m-m-ichael. Wh-wh-where's P-p-p-ee W-w-w-ee?"

"Never mind that damn it. What's the word of the day so I can get out of here and enjoy my weekend?"

"B-b-b-bitch.....don't ru-ru-ru-rush me! The word of the d-d-d-day is Hair."

Well there ya have it folks. You know what to do when you hear the word of the day don't ya? That's right, scream REAL loud! hehe. So that's the post for right now. Like the always say, HAIR (Aaaaaaaaaah!) today, gone tomorrow ;)

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hey Conky

Ok kittens, ya know's fun time. That's right, fun. Why? Cause my buddy Jon and I have hit on an old favourite that is the new sensation! What is it you might ask? It's the word of the daaaaaay.

You all know what to do when you hear the word of the day don't you?
So today's word was "coffee". So anytime you hear anyone say the word "coffee" *Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! hehehe* Scream real loud. Annoy your friends! Scare your coworkers! Piss off that loved one...but have fun damn it!

Now then, anyone wanna go out for a cup of.....



with love to Pee Wee Herman eternally.

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Ok....ok I'll admit it. I'm a ... well, a techno whore! That's right. I like gadgets, gizmos, and blinky flashy things (which is probably a throw back to my raver days when they would explode before me...over and over again). So there's a new item on here which is a MyChingo. And ya know if you say it with a Spanish accent it sound even better. I guess I'm trying to keep up with the Jones'...or at least several bloggers that I read cause I was leaving messages on theirs and I wanted one.

*crickets chirpping* That's the sound of the dust gathering in my brain right now. Last night I went to do the ADR work for the movie/video. I thought I was going to be done by around 8pm. I got home a bit after midnight I think. Still, it literally had to be done because I was the guy with the most dialogue and I think we only had the sound guy last night anyways. So yeah..maybe 2+ hours of saying the same lines over and over, trying them with slight variations, trying them with more or less emotion. And ya know what kittens? It pretty much rocked.

Since I'm not sure anyone has ever done voiceover work (and if you have I appologise) or looping, here's what happens. Now normally you would be staring at a screen with the scene you are about to loop playing. You'd be wearing earphones, and hearing the dialogue you're supposed to rerecord. Since we didn't do the visual part, I just had the earphones last night.

You have a series of say 4 beeps and then the dialogue starts. You try to get in sync with the sound of your own voice. This "loop", complete with beeps to let you know to get ready, continues and you talk over the sound of your own voice until they have what they want. So yeah. I think I heard myself say the same line about 12 times on one loop. 10 of those I was being recorded right along side of what I was hearing.

Let me tell ya's kinda freaky but it was actually pretty fun. Only down side was when my voice started to feel like chopped liver. I dried up in the throat area, and some of the lines were hard because of an accent I was using. Tended to constrict me cords and if you have ever yelled too much...well that's sort of what it's like.

Jesus, do I ramble or what? *crickets chirping* Is this thing on? *owl hooting* Yeah. Well, I guess that's it really. I need to do that whole shaving thing since by the time I got home last night/this morning...well literally I changed my socks, my shirt and me undies and slept in my clothes lest I wake up too late and have to make a running dash to work. I didnt mind ya, but I was skeerd I would. So now, I think I'm going to take my weary little body off to a nice long hot shower and a shave...and then to bed!

Oh, and feel free to leave me a message babies. You know this hipcat daddio loves to hear from ya all! (and hearing your voices would be too damn cool)

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Definately time for a new post don't you think my little kittens? I do. Enough about politics because it tends to raise one's blood pressure. Enough about the bad stuff that's going on in the world and the evils of society...for a while ;)

I only discovered Voyuer Nation a few weeks ago. Kinda late but having just gone back over there (yes I'm lame and couldn't remember the name of Marc's blog)...something amazing has happened. The site is back up and the posts are there to be read. Me? I'm happy because now I can finally get to read all the things that I had wanted to before. There's a note about it on the site.

The point was that there was something that I thought was a great idea that Marc had. A Joy Log. So I thought to myself, why the hell not? There's enough shite going around to make anyone miserable so here's 5 - 10 things that bring me great joy...and what about you guys? What's bring in the joy to your lives?

1. A new toy sent to me by my friend Jim. It's been in heavy usage lately whilest I wander and walk about at night to get some exorcise.

2. My friends that I adore. Whether or not I get to talk to them, email them, hear from them...all I have to do is think of them and I smile a little bit.

3. Music. Where the hell would I be without the sounds of Darren Emmerson, James Brown, Bob Dylan, Loretta Lynn, Tori Amos, or Voltaire? Miserable heh.

4. I have two feet, two hands, two eyes, two ears, one nose, a working digestive tract, a heart that works, and two lungs that work. What do I have to complain about?

5. My Ps2 and Gamecube. Might be silly and a waste of time, but let me tell ya there is nothing like getting out frustrations whilest playing Midnight Club II and driving like a mad man in the streets of a city.

6. Nintendo has announced the launch for the Wii. Ok, more gamer silliness but damn I am so excited you'd think that I was winning the lottery!

7. I'll be "on holiday" in October. New Jersey at the beginning of the month, and hopefully Disneyland at the end of the month...with a Bob Dylan concert sandwiched in between.

8. Graphic novels, comic books, and manga. There is no better "reading room" devices than an artfully drawn story that you can read in the bathroom. Besides, superheros rule, and manga about guys falling in love with each other rock!

9. My garden. I have a rose bush that greets me every day with a beautiful flower and two more about to blossom. Heliotrope that smells devine and wafts it's sent in the evening, and colorful snap dragons that make me smile.

10. My family (which is not to say my blood relations) keep me going. All my brothers and sisters who have been there for me through thick and thin, and accept me for the freak I sometimes am...and never turned their backs on me.

So there's my little list. Something less glooom and dooom. And you can add to that list that Jeff Skybar will be on the limitted engagement tour in October, my friend Brian lives in the Bronx and promissed to get me some real NYC pizza, I have a job that supports me, and this place. Yup, I'm even gratefull for Blogger and the ability to meet so many great folks and share my ideas and rants and sorrows and hopes and life.

So smile folks. If ya can't find a reason to smile, here's a couple of pictures to make ya smile (we hope). Ah me and Cruella at Disneyland...ya gotta love her!

And what's hotter than two guys kissing? Well not much but they do look like they are possibly in love now don't they? Le sigh :)

And who can resist a baby? Just proof positive that my nephew is one wacky wacky kid.

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oh rant away, and happy day (what's with the rhyming?)

So what's all the things I forgot to mention whilest buzzing my little ass off on sugar last night? Well babies, they ain't all bad things let me tell ya. Matter of fact, I'm pretty damn excited by several of them. But first...

I know I went off last night about annoying customers, and I didn't really say much about the whole 9-11 thing but it's stickin in my craw. Well one thing is. It has to do with the "new found patriotism" of some folks. Now let me state this first;

I am proud to live here in America.
I am proud of the things the American people have done.
I do believe in this country and the idea of every man having their say.

Having said that, what was bothering the shit out of me was a guy I was driving behind yesterday. Why? Cause he was flying an American Flag. I mean for fuck sake, what does the flag have to do with the PEOPLE that died in the WTC, or on Flight 93, or at the Pentagon? (And here's where ya might just be pissed off at me) Nothin. That's right, it's got nothing to do with the whole 9-11 issue. When I see things like that it makes me think that they are G.W. supporters, believe the whold bullshit about the "war on terror", and everything else that was spoon fed by the media to them. And of course, they'll say that they are doing it to be patriotic. I just don't get it folks. I really don't. Ya wanna be patriotic in my opinion then ya better have a flag with all the colors of all the nationalities that live here baby! After all ... doesn't that "little" document start with WE THE PEOPLE? I still don't know why it bugs me so much.

Ok, apparently I'm in rant mode but there is a point here, and a little story. Maybe 6 years ago, my friend found out his buddy's exgirlfriend (it was explained to me that they could be equated to Romeo and Juliet but it just didn't work out for them) was in the hospital with Meningitis. Pretty scary stuff so I drove him out there to be with his bud. I tried to comfort him, but was told, "This isn't about me, this is about her!". And that is how I feel about this 9-11 issue. It isn't about whether you're patriotic or not, it's about the people that lost their lives. endeth the rant.

So...on a happier note, what is this little hipcat turning up the heat for soon? Well in a few scant weeks I'll be out in New Jersey to see Rey (and quite possibly lose my gob on the dance floor which is British slang so don't go thinkin dirty thoughts). Before that I am in the studio this weekend to record my dialogue for the video which is nearing completion!! Yes, color me 5 shades of excited because it will be put on Dvds for sale through the band. (It's around 15 minutes of short film goodness with a music video in there too!) Upon returing from Jersey, I get to see the illustrious Jeff Skybar on his limitted return engagement to the fair SF. (World tour tickets are available now) Only to be followed up by going with D to see Bob Dylan!!!!! Yeah babies, I am a Dylan fan like you wouldn't believe. I think that the guy is simply amazing, and after 46 years in the business, I heard that his new album is top of the charts! ( GO Bobby!) And the end of October I am off to the happiest place on earth. I'm going to Disneyland with my sis and brother Doll and James for a couple of days of being 5 years old. (Indeed there will be more pictures from this years Disney trip so look out for possible new Sulley photos!) And then, it's Halloween and if I have survived, I may just make it up to SF for that night although I still haven't made up my mind.

I just hope that my pocket book stays afloat until I reach November :) Ok, I need to eat me pastrami sandwich. Color me starvin!

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Vent - Elations...or how sugar is bad

Well I'm currently on the sugar buzz from hell. My boss went to a food show and brought back samples which I foolishly said, "Yeah, ok" to and now...BUZZZ! Since I hardly ever really eat a lot of sugar....well babies I'm feeling like I could run out and visit everyone right, literally run on my own two little legsess and that includes my overseas friends!

I suppose I should comment on what day it is. I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. I'm saddened at the loss of so many lives five years ago, but I'm angry at the fact that I don't believe the truth came out. I'm not a conspiracy nut mind you, but there are too many things that are left unanswered and too many pieces that just don't fit that puzzle properly.

Having so said, I still remember that day since my roommate caught me at the front door leaving for work to tell me that a plane had crashed into the Towers. I thought he was joking, but the TV proved me wrong. The rest of the day was me at work in a state of shock, and the rest of the folks that came in in a state of shock. I emailed my cousin who lives out in NYC somewhere and in repsonces, I tried to make her laugh...wrong idea. Her responce to me, which I still remember was this, "I can't find anything to laugh at. They just blew up my city!" It kinda brought the point home a little bit more. Not being a media whore, I didn't keep glued to the TV all night, read as much of the paper as I could at the time....but 5 years later, I want the truth. I want the truth to come out because a lot of people lost their lives for nothing. Enough of that. It only makes me angry.

Speaking of angry, so I thought I would almost have to verbally backhand/bitchslap a customer today. What's worse is that he'll be back tomorrow. How do I know?

Well, let's call them Mr. & Mrs. Anal Retentive Bastard....or Arb for short. So every day The Arbs come in to the shop. They move chairs around to find the ones that suits them, go over and get two small cups of water and 4 napkins
(yes I counted)...obviously two each, and Mrs. Arb sits down. Now Mr. Arb preforms the ritual of buying the same damn drink and food...two double lattes (one lowfat, one non) and a cinnamon bagel with ONE butter. If you give them two, they return one to you. How polite. Now the fun begins. It comes up to $6.82 and if Mr. Arb doesn't have the pennies, he reaches over for my penny cup, or puts his mitts on my tip jar and searches in there for fucking pennies. Oh, did I mention that if there is no chocolate powder to sprinkle on their lattes that he'll probably help himself, reaching across my counter to where we keep the chocolate powder which is really close to our pitchers for milk...cups to put to go orders get the idea huh? This is the daily ritual. EVERY day.

Today, I have no co-worker in site (she was a little late) and I have maybe 6 people in line after Mr. Arb. I have the Arbs drinks made almost before he gets to the counter to order. He moves on. I move on to the next customer. Now, for the most part after 5 years I know the early morning folks drinks pretty well and can just jet through them but there is still prep time don'tcha know? So I didn't get Mr. Arb's bagel in straight away. Here's where it gets fun.

He's taken to sitting down, drinking a bit of his latte, then getting up and hanging around the pick up part of my counter. He gazes ever so lovingly at his bagel in the toaster, apparently hoping that since he is standing there being impatient...I will drop everything and grab his little piece of joy. Well today it was different and he almost got a major bitching from me. Like I said, 6 customers, they want drinks as well and Mr. Arb says to me (standing behind the shoulder of someone at the counter ordering), "My bagel?" I wanted to punch him. Impatient bastard! Geez it was like he was telling me how to do my job and that just don't fly with me my little chittlins!

So yeah, I get to deal with Mr. & Mrs. Arb tomorrow and probably for the rest of my life working at the shop. They are also one of the few customers who ever complain about music. It's too loud, can we turn it down? Fuck no! I get my sorry ass up at 5ish in the morning to get down there at 5:30ish in the morning so you fuckers can have your same damn thing just so you don't break routine? Did I mention they always wear friggin sweat shirts? Summer, winter, doesn't matter. If it's too hot they wear them around their necks! I swear that they go out and shop together to find the two that will fit men and/or women!

AND, when they do get that little bagel and one butter? I watched this...he cuts it in half first, then in half from that and they each equal portions of little sliced bagel. This goes on every day of the week. I only have to deal with them on Mon-Fri but apparently this still goes on on the damn weekend!

Ack, the sugar buzz is driving me mad here. I swear I now know how Denis Leary used to feel during a concert when he was ranting and railing. I think I need to quit bitching and eat some real food and try and make myself sleepy somehow. Anyone have a 75lbs Anvil? ;)

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Boring Sidney, boring

Well darlins there is a slightly new look to the site. Still not sure if I'm happy with it or not. I tried using a different program to build a custom site...but I got confused with some of it and couldn't figure out how to manipulate things the way I wanted. Not saying that I'm not still going to try but was a bit taxing on my poor little brain this weekend.

And speaking of, what the hell happened to my weekend? I don't recall what I did on Friday night but I must have been doing something wierd because I was up and down all night. When I did finally get up and out of bed to go get breakfast, I came back with all good intentions of doing stuff..only to be waylaid by a videogame which actually put me to sleep! Woke up around 6pm or so last Saturday night. Now that is just friggin wierd for me. I don't do things like that. Least I got out a little this weekend though.

So that is my exciting life, sleeping too late and demolishing my brain with the new Gojira movie. For those that don't know, when they brought the original Godzilla film to the states, the added Raymond Burr to help the US audiences out a bit. Well, they just released for the first time the original Japanese version (which also comes with the original US version). I haven't had time to watch it yet but I wound up finding the damn DVD finally. Ya gotta love giant lizards which are really men in giant rubber suits.

Which brings to mind my other purchase which was the 25th Anniversary Edtion of Shock Treament. It's the sequal to Rocky Horror Picture Show, and yeah, it's just as bad but I love this movie! Keeps me "jumpin like a real live wire"

Man what a dull and boring post full of I need to revamp my posts as well ;)

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Thursday, September 07, 2006 is done

A quick little message tonight darlins. I'm feeling better, but it's gotten late fast tonight without me knowing it. The day was...well it was the day. Nothing truly exciting really. The only real thing of note was from a blogger who if you haven't/hadn't read his site, well I think ya should, especially todays posting. Trust me on this one. So much love over there to Phoenixboi who is always welcome in my kitchen with or without cha cha heels :)

And there may be exciting new looks to this little site. I'm kinda tired of how it's looking lately. Nothing has been changed in a while and isn't that the nature of life? Every now and then ya just need to spice things up a little. Throw a little glitter here or there (*sparkle sparkle*), hang some bead for crying out loud! Or, just change up your blogsite heh.

Now's time for this little camper to go to bed. I haven't mastered the art of posting a song on here, otherwise I would have done so tonight. Just some odd little tune that runs through my head from time to time don'tcha know. And if you're curious, it's the Animaniac's theme song. Yeah...I know...wierd choice, but it makes me smile and wanna do a stupid little dance, maybe run around in my studio screaming like Pee Wee Herman "la la la la!" It's good to be a kid sometimes.

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Well darlins, somehow we made it to the midpoint of the week. How? I have no clue.

Tuesday was stress central for me. I woke up to look at my clock and saw it was 6:24am. Did I mention that we open the doors to the shop at 6:30am? Meatloaf's Bat out Of Hell I was out the door and racing up to the shop. I think I managed to get us open only 10 minutes late. How I managed that I don't know. All I know is now, I've been feeling rather exhausted yesterday and part of today. Maybe it's something I'm coming down with. H was getting over a cold when I went over on Labor Day but I don't really ever get sick so I'm gonna stick with this little fact about me....

When I get stressed, I smoke....a lot.

Yup, as a smoker, I think I have hit that brick wall that happens when you actually smoke more than you're used to and you wind up feeling all ick. Maybe that's a good thing too because I keep telling myself I need to quit.

So the weekend is almost here again. I was thinking about laying low for the most part, maybe calling some of my fellow SF bloggers to see who wanted to grab a bit of Cannoli at Stella's in north beach?? Then I found out that Michael Franti (all praises be!!) is holding his Power To The Peaceful this Saturday. So, am I going? I have no clue.

What I do know is that I need to be in me bed now, all snuggled up in my blankie and dreaming of the impending vacation in October!

To everyone that asked me to cook for them, well hell's ya I'll try! I love to cook for folks that like to eat. I've had friends that are a bit picky in their eating habits, but hey...that's life. I do love to cook though. So if I can find a way to do that for y'all...well saddle up to the table then amigos. We'll have a bit of somethin' and a pot of coffee.

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD!. Be Loved!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Laboring Days

Hope everyone is having a kick ass Labor day! More posting to come with pictures from the Fajita Fiesta! (Insert appropriate Samba/Mamba/Cuban/Marriachi music here)

And we're back.

Yup, I'm finally home from the fiesta which was only D & H and my little nephew and me. Ok, so three folks eating, one having a lot of milk :)
I had forgotten how nice it is to cook for folks that enjoy eating. And babies, there was a feasting going on. I have a few picture examples here and the first is the grill with red and green bell peppers wrapped in tinfoil with some onions and garlic!

And believe it or not that yielded this.
Tortillas cooked on the grill as well. Babies, it was pretty heavenly. That wierd little clock looking jobber was the baby monitor since we put the little wiggly squiggly down for a while but he was soon back with us and mom and dad were trading off holding him to let the other eat.

So what do you serve with something like this? Oh I'm glad you asked. You serve, this Which was homemade guacamole, fresh homemade pico de gallo (which for those that don't know is pretty much just onion, cilantro, tomato, garlic, and jalapenos with some lemon juice thrown in), lots of cheese and some sour cream. Flour or corn tortillas mind you. Apparently I make good guacamole because I was just flyin by the seat of my pants when I made it and I have to say I thought it was pretty damn tasty. In the pitcher D had made up a mixture of Guava and Strawberry nectar with some fizzy water added. Oh lord honey child. That was some GOOOOD stuff! (and no alcohol either) So what did all this really yield us? How about this little monstrocity that I built for myself.

Well, no one was left hungry I can tell you that much. And after a little going over to the neighbors to say Hey, we came back to homemade cinnamon ice cream (sorry no picture) with shredded coconut on top and little crushed chocolate cookies. Oh, and me and D playing some kick ass games of Mario Soccer. And was over and now it's going to be back to work. *le sigh* But, ya know what? After all is said and done, I am so happy that I had this evening with them. It's nice to share food with friends and have it all relaxed ya know? Definitely good times. DEFINITELY (he says with a big ol' grin on his face)

So I had the wierdest dream last night. I'm wondering what folks might make of it because I hardly remember my dreams so I tend to think the ones I do remember mean something. Here goes, and I'll try and put as much detail as possible but it's rather foggy except for key points.

There was a ship of some sort. Either a submarine, or a passenger liner and it was damaged
capsizing and going down. I was aboard and was with the other passengers trying to get out
before it went down comepletely. We all seemed to make it out of the ship, but the next thing
I know, I'm on dry land near my old high school (it was a three story building) and I
remember growling in anger because no one was doing anything. And there on top of the
high school was G.W. Now why he was there I don't know. But there he was and we were
all pissed off because I could look over and see the Bow of the ship still sticking up out of
the water (remember..dream ya know?) And all of the sudden the crowd starts chanting
"Blow it up. Blow it up" because they wanted to get rid of the ship, but of course, no one
did anything. Then, I woke up.

Now, if that's not a wierdo dream, I don't know what it. I mean, I can understand the whole ship and getting out of there and what have you....but the President on top of my high school?? And a mass of pissed of passengers asking him to blow up the ship? Any good dream interp folks out there? It was just wierd because I could hear my mom in the crowd and the way she was chanting was not emphasising all three words, but she was emphasising the word "it". Made it all more surreal to me. Wish I knew what the hell it meant.

That's the problem I have with my "religion". I'm a pagan, and you can call me a witch or warlock if you like, I don't care. It's what I believe in and it all centers from a place of love so...I digress. I sometimes feel that you can get messages in dreams. When you don't remember dreaming like me, and then you suddenly DO remember a dream, it makes you wonder if there was some message in there. Kinda scary sometimes, but mostly a bit frustrating to a degree because I just don't always understand what the hell it is I'm supposed to be getting from the dream.

Ah well...It's all one. (did I mention that Romeo and Juliet kicked ass on Saturday night?) And tomorrow is work again, but a relatively short week for us all. I do hope that you all got to get out there and have some fun for Labor Day. Hope none of you had work you had to do. And I mostly hope that you spent it with good friends, or family you love, or your "someone". It's always good to spread that love around.

Oh! Before I forget I want to say welcome back to the ever lovely M'lady! I had feared that she had left the blogging world but I saw that comment yesterd, so there's no hiding now :) Y'all go over and check out her site because she is on terrific lady!

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!!