Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's a

Ya ever noticed that there are those times you sit down and you're ready to post a new sounds odd, then life just up and seems to get busy on ya? Well, that was me for some reason. It's like time is not deciding to either speed up or slow down on a whim. Lately, it seems I turn around and hours have gone by and I haven't updated and blah blah blah.

So...Since I got permission from D&H to do this, I'd like to introduce ya to my little "nephew". He's still adorable and this was one of the cuter pictures of him. Yeah, I think I'm in love hehe. And the flowers behind him were from my garden. Ya gotta love roses.

So speaking of, my friend Jon wanted me to post some pictures of my garden. Since right now things are starting to die-back a bit. Unfortunately, in looking at my picture files, I think I deleted stuff off my camera I hadn't downloaded! Grrr....picture of an idiot in full effect (me that is hehe).

Apparently, I am a magnet for the bizzare lately. Friday night when I went to see Taming of the Shrew (and my friend Doll was adorable!), I wound up sitting in the back row for Act II. Not that bad really because for some odd reason I was able to understand the actors better. Go fig. I don't know. The real problem was the woman across the aisle from me who obviously had already had more chardonnay than she should have. I swear I was about ready to go over and slap the bitch! At some point in the show after Katherine (the shrew) gave some very shrewish line, this audience member decided to pipe up and say "Well she must be a Capricorn.", and not solto voto (quietly). Yeah lady, you're sitting in your damn living room watch the TV and not watching live theatre with other people. I mean really!

But, then my friend Chryssa hits me over the head with a lead balloon in her post recently about not forgetting to be thankful for the little things, and how we all bitch but it's really just minor stuff that we should get over. Well she's right. Yup, I'll call it as I sees it and Chryssa's righter than rain baby. Cause ya know, it is an odd phenomenon that we all like to complain a bit ya know? So how am I gonna get past that and remind myself to be thankful for what I have? Well I got friends and my fam to do that. And, that little bugger up there in the picture.

I'm attempting to get my first podcast off the ground here, but it's taking some time. Of course, I also have to find a place to host it and there are free sites out there, but I need to do some reading because I don't really understand hosting. Hell, I don't understand a lot about the computer realm.

And what was the big "holy shit!" news? Well it happened on Friday which was my boss' birthday and he happened in to work. He hands me a card saying sorry he was late with it. I say no problem and start to put it down. He says, "No no no. You gotta suffer along with me." So I open it. Funny card about turning 40 and all but inside is a piece of paper from Expedia. He's booked me a flight out to New Jersey for a weekend. Now, I may complain about work, but I have to say I have a pretty friggin cool boss. :) (course now I have to talk to him about changing the dates otherwise I won't get to see Rey) So yeah, looks like October could be the month to undo me entirely because I hope to go to Disneyland with Doll and James at the end of the month, fly out and visit Rey at the beginning, see the Dresden Dolls in the middle, and go to Yoai Con towards the end of the month. *blink blink* I think I need to start exorcising.

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!


Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

Doesn't it go to figure that the one weekend he books the trip for you is the same weekend I'm going to Berlin and Belgium?? So make sure you can switch it!!!

Woo hoo! Can't wait for you to get out here!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad about your garden pictures! :o( Awwwww!! What an adorable baby!!! :o) Hahaha, stoopid audience member! I really hope your boss can get the dates changed so you can go see Rey & go to Disneyland as well! WHOO~HOO! :o)

Ryan said...

hey bro thanx 4 all the well wishes the emails & ecards!

very cute baby!

Richard said...

What an adorable little baby. I can understand why you are head over heels in love!

As for that bitch in the audience ... yes, it is important not to sweat the small stuff, but come on ... she deserves to be tarred and feathered.

V.J. Civic said...

Thats a very cute nephew you have! I am a sucker for babies, they are so cute.

Jeff said...

What a cute little boy! Wow and the roses are something else too!!