Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Costa Rica was pretty amazing...of course I feel like I didn't sleep at all in the last 48 hours since I got back, but hey, how often do you get to have your boss send you to pick friggin coffee on a mountainside?

The people there were amazingly friendly, kinda, polite, nice, and all the other adjectives I can't think of. I was blow away by it. Genuinely nice people were all I seemed to meet except for one guy on the street of San Jose that hassled us for money. There are too many pictures to post.

And otherwise, the world seems to have turned, life has gone on and I have a slightly different outlook on things. I'm hoping that it all continues. Need to push myself again but maybe after tomorrow when I feel more back to the swing of things.

Life can kick ya in the head a couple of times, but sometimes that's a good thing too. Makes you start to think more, realize things that you may not have before, ponder knew questions and new options. Hard for me because I get trapped in routine a lot. Focus too hard on one or two things and forget the other stuff.

What I do know is this, I may be a fool and a hopeless (or hopefull) romantic, but I still hold fast to the concept that love with see you through anything. Sometimes it's hard to remember that. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it will, but it's one of the few things I truly have faith in. Without it, I think I'd fall to complete pieces and would shatter into all the millions of molecules of the universe.

And here's the wackiest part of it all, no matter how bad things seem to get...I realized a long time ago that love is the only truth out there, and as long as you have it...well things seem to turn out ok. Just realized that this afternoon actually. The people that you honestly love and who have that place no one else can take from you heart? They're always there. That's something I have to remember. It was kinda proved to me with a friend of mine and how things worked out between us over almost a decade of friendship now.

So fill up your hearts! Tell your friends how much you love them because ya know what? People need to hear that. Honestly, people need to hear that they are loved, and you'd be surprised at what that one simple act can do for someone.

My list is rather long for folks to say I love you to, and I would feel bad if I left anyone out but I do just want to say that I love you Jon, Mikey, Ryan, Rey, Albert, Scott, Jim, Alden, Camilla, M'lady, Ari, Marko and all my friends. My arms are always open for ya. And if you're name wasn't there it doesn't mean my arms are closed off to you. I hope that I have arms big enough to embrace the world. So go out there and embrace it yourselves!

Be safe. Be well. Be PROUD! Be Loved!


Jack said...

It's why I stopped blogging!?

Unknown said...

Right on!

Once again you astound me!

Great post!

Are you going to quit blogging?

That would be a shame if you did...:(

Ryan said...

bro u know i love ya glad u had fun down there! sorry missed your call last night we will talk tonight!

Rey Rey said...

It's amazing, the depth of thought that comes with a life-altering experience as a great trip, or a long talk with someone, or an epiphany of some sort. I'm so happy you had one down in Costa Rica...

And you're right... We don't tell our friends how much we love 'em... And Michael, my friend, I love you too. I can't wait to hear about the trip!

Thanks for the email too while you were out there!!


Mikey said...

I better soon get some more pictures!!! My connection is now working so I better hear soon!

Minge said...

Wise words.

Minge said...

I feel like a spammer... Shameless self promotion alert!

Please take part in Window On Your World.

Anonymous said...
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