Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dear God they went and did it...

Now you knew that this was bound to happen didn't you babies? Yup, yours truly found an ad for this new little movie (sheepishly grinning). And you thought I wouldn't have to say something about it? Well hell folks, the jokes have been happening left and right so here it is...the gay porn you've been waiting for (carefully editted by moi)

Now how's that for a kick in the head? Everyone and their dogs have been making fun of the title of Brokeback Mountain calling it Bareback and I should have known that it wasn't going to be long before this damn thing happened. Mind you, being a pristine young thing, I don't watch these kind of

What I had actually entended to blog about was how the night happened to turn for me. See, it didn't start out all that great. I had issues with the coinstar machine but they did manage to get it working again and I came out $134 richer. See what happens when you save your loose change?! So feeling a little more plush I went to dinner and devoured at least another third of An Actor's Guide To Greed. It's the third in the series and so far one of my favs! (great series by the mysteries and they definately have me chuckling!). So I thought I would pop down to the shop for a little cup o' coffee and maybe a bit more of a read.

Who did I bump into but my friends the Bs. Apparently they had just finished dinner up but came in for a cupper with me and we sat there having a chuckle and working on a Sudoku puzzle until the band started up. What's wierd is that we almost always have jazz bands play on Friday and Sat. nights. Most of them I could do without. These guys tonight though were something a little different. It was a quintet of two guitars (accoustic), one standing bass, and the leader on violin. There is something oddly infectious about that combo. It's sort of like listening to the soundtract of a Woody Allen film (say something like Radio Days). And they were really good too! So that was my night so far. And now, I'm gearing up to do a little bit of ritual work for my beautiful Goddess who's face I can't see tonight because of the rain.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I think that things are starting to shape up a little for me lately. (finally got the script for the video I'm going to be shooting and it's a kicker!)

Lastly, a very Happy Belated Birthday wish to my darling Camilla. (Flowers and Champagne on the way sweetness!)


Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

Oh, why did you edit that pic????

Pookie, I owe you a phone call... It was Deb and Michael's birthdays this weekend so I've been running around like crazy. Was gonna call you a little while ago, but it seemed a wee bit late. Talk Sunday. xo

ScandinavienNova said...

I just L*O*V*E you Michael! You are the best!

And I promise you, that when it is a cure on the market for straight girls who wants to become gay guys I will get it and then come and snatch you from the others!! ;-)

Take care darling

Chris said...

Where can one find the un-edited pic of Bareback Mountain?

philly jane said...

Ahh.. I wish I'd been there for a cuppa, too.

Miss you, mister.