Saturday, January 21, 2006's the weekend

I had something to write about but it's escaped my mind. I think actually it just drizzled out of my ear sometime earlier tonight when I went to try and find a new book to read. Seeing as I have a lot books here at my studio that I haven't read, of course I needed to hit the bookstores to see what I could find to read! Alas, alack, there were none to be found that I actually wanted. (sigh)

Well it seems I have peaked some interested over this crush I have (and it's only a slight one at that), but like anyone I have ever had a crush on...I prefer to keep it on the downlow for the moment. Just surfice to say that I think he's the cat's meow, and would love nothing more than to cuddle up with him to watch a movie on a comfy couch. And that's all I'm gonna say bout dat for the time being :)

M3 didn't show up Friday. I'm starting to wonder if he hadn't just randomly dropped into the shop last week and doesn't even live in my town. I kept hoping that he'd show up again, but, maybe this week? Hell, Ben has been dropping in again lately and I have to pat myself on the back because maybe I'm actually "over" him. We chatted briefly and joked around a bit so...who knows. I'd still like to just go out and do something (and not in that way thank you) with him, but that's up to him and not to me apparently. Sides, he's supposed to be moving to San Fran sometime.

Last night was the videogame night. I thought I was just going to play for a little but when I turned everything off....3 hours later! was around 1am and I was ready for a little quiet time with my earphones and my cd player. That's what I love about the weekends. I can listen to music as loud as I want going to sleep (yes I actually can fall asleep with earphones on) and not disturb anyone. Kinda blots out the world at large to tell the truth.

Oish, getting late here and I have to reread the script for Atomic Mint's video. I'm meeting tomorrow morning with the director (who happens to be a customer and is developing into a pretty cool friend) to talk about stuff. Hm...maybe if I just played 20 minutes of We Love Katamari?


Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

I'm upset that your crush isn't me. le sigh

Ryan said...

im thinking about this summer comin 4 a visit 4 a couple weeks. maybe u can show me the town bro.