Monday, January 30, 2006

Dear God is Monday over yet?

Again, I hate audioblogger. I bloody well took the time to find a site to translate something into French so I could read it for my friend Philly and...again... POOF. Sigh.

Unfortunately that is about all I can think of to blog about tonight because my head is filled with ramblings. Today was such a Monday on my friggin brain for some reason. It wasn't a bad day perse, but turned into a bit of ... ?? Just the afternoon wasn't so swell I guess. Now, after taking the time to figure out a few pronouciations in French, and spending the time to record it a couple of time because of fubar mistakes on my part, there is no posting...which is why I am posting.

Ack, I need to heat up my soup, eat and go to bed. At least the world here is quiet for once. The neighbors must have decided to be polite to me tonight for whatever reasons. So want to move to a better place with better insulation and walls that I can't hear their Tvs through. Then again, I wonder what they must think of my Tv when it spouts out foriegn films followed by horror films (resplindant with screams) followed by documentaries. Ah, let's not forget those gay movies I've gotten from Netflix eh? (not that kinda you dirty naught people hehe) Well, tonight I almost have the nerve to just say F' em. I pay my dosh for this place, I shouldn't have to care that much about the neighbors and what they thing....but I do, so I'm quiet.

Right...time for some tomato soup to heat up my cold withering little frame, and then possibly some Polyphonic Spree to try and thaw out my wretched little heart....and maybe sooth my aching brain.


Spencer said...

Got to love Monday's mine suck also if it makes you feel any better.

Anonymous said...

My Monday wasn't so hot neither.

I think, in fact, I've never been here before. How do I keep missing these sites that everyone else knows about.

Pleased to meet you!

Michael said...

Spencer! Dude...I've been meanin to email ya. (yeah I'm lame)

Hey ther Atari. Well, if it weren't for some friends of mine, I wouldn't have known about YOUR site :) (and what's this everyone else knows about me? Gonna make me crawl into a corner and cower heh)

Daisy said...

At least it over now :)

Hugs my dear :) Miss ya!!

Ryan said...

hey big bro ever have a monday like that again call me. sending love.

. said...

Hey Mike, I know what you mean about Mondays...AND I know what you mean about Audioblogger. I had one week that it showed up 2 days later. Anyway, hang in there!