Saturday, February 18, 2006

I think I left my brain somewhere

What am I doing up at this hour? What day is it??...oh that's right it's Saturday. Well for a little while at least it's still Saturday night. Then again, after 12 hours for shooting today, I'm not so sure anymore.

Last night Cirque was amazing. I actually talked with one of the Cirque employees about how to audition and what they looked for and just about fell in puppy love with her French accent. Yup..I said HER heh...wonders never cease. She actually gave me a fair amount of good advice about auditioning and how many tapes they get every year. A bit discouraging to hear the volume of audition tapes that are sent but hey....everyone gets a chance right? Now I just have to figure out what the hell to do for them and where to film it and, of course, find a camera to do it. Still, there is really nothing like the magik of Cirque and if they come to your town, you really MUST see them at least once. You'll never think of a typical circus again I'm willing to bet!'s shoot was pretty good. We got through everything at least and with the director wanting 3 takes to choose from, it actually went rather well (we were a little off schedual for a while). Kinda wierded me out because I was tired from last night and the week so I didn't feel awake until after lunch maybe. The day's shoot started at 9am and I had maybe a 20 minute drive to the studios we're filming in....and I got out of there around 10pm. Bit of a long day. Luckily for me and the other actor, we're not needed tomorrow until noon. I get a little chance to sleep in (Huzzah!). I kinda get the feeling that for me tomorrow it's the bigger day. Most of my dialogue was shot today but tomorrow is the segment where we're shooting the music video part and there's some dialogue interspersed in places. I'm a little nervous to tell you the truth. Then again, I'm always a little nervous when I have to perform reguardless.

Oh....and the most asked question of me? How tall am I? Well last time I was measured, I'm roughly 6' 4 1/2" tall. If you think that's tall, one of my brothers is actually 2" taller than me! Ok...I need to get these contacts out of my eyes, make a little something hot to drink and chill before I get to bed. Oh, yeah, guess I should look over the script again before tomorrow hehe.

The video does look great though. I got a chance to catch some of the filming on a monitor and DAMN this is gonna look pretty. I can't wait to see the editted, finished product!


ScandinavienNova said...

Long days for sure, but this is a step towards something new..what I mean by that? I don't know, but I have a feeling you know :)

By the way..Thank you for that hottie you sent me, he I could eat without any whiped cream on ;)

Steve said...

Hey! I'm 6'4" too! Glad to hear the shoot is going well. Get some rest, will ya?

Daisy said...

I would love to see the finished product!!
I also have always wanted to see a Cirque show. WOnder if I could talk Spencer into going with me...I know hubby would never go. Speaking of which, hubby is 6'4" yes, you are very tall. As I am only 4'11".....everything is very tall to me! hehe

Anyway, have fun at the shoot today. I am thinking about ya!

Ryan said...

hey bro ill call u sometime this week!

Daisy said...

Are you still searching for your brain? :)

Hope your week is fantastic!

Mike said...

Im glad to hear the shoot went so well.

Miladysa said...

Fantastic! I hope we get to see the finished product!!!!

Yourheight must be part of your Nordic ancestry :)