Sunday, February 12, 2006

What a beautiful looking me

I woke up early today because I have a meeting with my director for the video. My alarm went off and I looked at the time and decided to snooze a little more. It was waaaay too early to be actually getting up. (this reminds me that next week I really should reset my alarm clock becuase I have it set way to far forward) I have a routine on the weekend of getting up and going out for my first cig (yeah I know I know), look at the garden and listen to the birds, see how warm it may be outside and just enjoy a lazy morning. Today though I was greeted with my favourite California site.

Just look at it! Isn't it great?! I love the fog. I love the mysterious sense that it gives the world. It's like the street suddenly ends, and a secret land beyond begins. That's just looking down the end of my street, which isn't exactly too far seeing as I live in a cul de sac, but you can't really see the crossing street.

Looking down the main street that I live off of, where does the road go? Where did the world go? What happens to lie on the other side of this dense grey field? God I love it! I often think of myself in a Vicotrian mystery novel when I see this sort of thing. Driving in it is a kick I have to say. Yeah, I go a little slower than normal than usual but maybe that's because I'm revelling in the fog.

I know that it's going to burn off eventually. The weather here was so absolutely lovely yesterday that I have a feeling it's going to burn off and be warm again today...but for now, I almost want to just go wandering. The city right now is quiet because it's 8am on a Sunday. It's like having the whole world to yourself, and with the fog out there? Well it feels as if anything could happen. Nothing spooky, but something magikal actually. It gives me the feeling that finally the bad things that seem to have plagued me and my friends are going to be over finally, and what lies beyond the bad stuff? Don't know, but it's going to be mysteriously wonderous.

I think I'm gonna go wander and get a little lost out there in my own head, and the velveteen clouds that have touched the earth here for a little while. The sky has reached the earth almost it seems, and magik is afoot.


Miladysa said...

This is a beautiful post Michael and those photographs are awesome.

If you love the fog, you will love it here where we are. Sometimes, you can just about see the hand in front of your face!

Did you know in Celtic mythology the fog was the 'otherside'?

Steve said...

It's kinda spooky and calm all the the same time. Great pics, Michael, and I hope you enjoyed your day.

Ryan said...

awesome pics bro!