Monday, March 20, 2006

Ah...mon petit homme's wet here again. Matter of fact there was a little bit of hail again this early afternoon. Funny because I think that the Universe heard me this morning when I ask to have at least no rain until I got back from Costco and had unloaded for the shop. And you guessed it, it happened. Believe me I was pretty exstatic about that because no one helps me unload once I get back to the shop.

And ya know begins again and I'm not talking about the rain. There is a guy. Yup, someone that came into the shop. Well I couldn't help it when I heard his accent. He's French and is an intern here in town. What company I don't know. I do know that he lives close by (ok I actually asked him if he lived here in town). I swear that he told me his name is Midi...but it gets really loud in the shop what with customers, the grinders, the music we play and....well he has a lovely soft voice. Now the hardest part is that he always smiles at me. I know that in Europe, people look you in the eyes when they talk to you. Most folks here in the good ol' US of A, well they seem uncomfortable when you look them in the eyes when you're talking.

Le sigh. Ma couer est .... skippin a beat when I see him. And he has lovely curlyish dark hair, and dark eyes, and that accent. Well I did try talking with him a little in French but apparently mine is rather poor...or I was nervous enough that I couldn't speak up well enough. (it happens ok?! You try and talk to someone you find attractive and see how you speak hehe) But I kinda want to ask him out to dinner. I don't know why because I'm pretty sure he's straight.

See I do assume a lot when I meet someone. Unless that gaydar goes off really hard, I always assume that the guy is straight until told otherwise. So, there ya have it, the wierd netherland situation of trying to figure out the best way to ask someone if they are gay. Course it doesn't really matter mind ya. I would love to just get to know him a little better because I don't know any French men. Always like chatting it up with folks from other lands because there are always interesting perspectives and great new slang to pick up ;)

Hard lately to stop thinking about things such as my impending birthday. (it's not for a few months) More importantly the number of that birthday and what it means to me. Now, my little brother has told me, as other folks have, that age is just a number. I agree with that. I don't act my age and I don't feel my age. Problem is, society is looking (damn them cause I thought I had the curtains drawn) and it dictates certain things to me. Wish I could live up to them but, maybe I don't need to and maybe I just don't want to. My friends accept me as I am, even if I am being the most immature person on the face of the planet. But....part of me wants that dream life, and the guy to come home to, and the "good job", and a little place to call my own...and yeah, maybe kids (if I had a good enough job to support them). Sometimes I think that time is just moving too quickly. It's still non-linear to me. Hell, I didn't even realize that my friend D & H were around 4 months from her delivering the baby! In my mind I found out maybe 2 months ago they were going to have a kid. Scary huh?

Well, that's the skinny. New man of mystery and a lovely French accent as well. Hopefully I can find some way to ask him out, if only for dinner and then we'll see what happens in the course of conversation. But he has that smile....and those looks....and that...le sigh...accent :)


Steve said...

HAHAHAHA! You said 'gaydar' & 'really hard' in the same sentence! Anyway, I'd wait until you see him again to try and guage where he's coming from, then decide.

The Persian said...

He sounds delicious Mikey :)

And don't worry about the bday, they seem to arrive waaaay sooner than anticipated (or desired) of late..

be yourself and to hell with what some idiots consider appropriate behavior for a given age (as long as it doesn't get you in trouble..)


Brad said...

I am right there with ya on the "birthday" thing my friend. Mine is coming up Sunday and I am ALREADY depressed over it :(

How the fuck fair is it that just when you REALLY get your shit together in life you are already getting "old?"