Thursday, March 23, 2006

And there you are

I was suppose to be posting the meme about the albums wasn't I? Well, tonight I'm just not in the mood for the trips down memory lane. Sometimes they are a bit too much to take and send me off, mentally, on darker roads than I want to be travelling.

There is some good news coming from the world recently for me. My friend Philly has had some (my opinion) rather majory surgery and has come through with flying colors. Philly and her partents have been just amazing friends to me, and I know that she'll be 100% in no time. I spoke with her for a little the other night. Same old Philly I'm pleased to say. The good news is that she was up and walking without a cane and this was the evening after her surgery! The woman is a marvel indeed. :)

And, I finally spoke with J the other day as well. I had felt really scared to talk to him. I didn't know if I had pissed him off. I didn't know if he'd want to talk to me actually. In the course of the conversation though, I found that I still have a good friend for all the trouble that I have put myself through. I'm actually going to take his offer of a bit of the money now (they are still in the process of coming up with the remainder) and then collect the rest a little later. While I still have a little intrepidation about dealing with J at the present, I know that it will blow over and sink back into the inky darkness and die away. I suppose that is just the nature of things sometimes, storms come and go on both sides, but the friendship remains.

I saw the enemy the other day in garden. Believe me this is a warrior that I have been fighting with over possibly two years now. His name? Whitefly. They are nasty little buggers. They breed quickly and suck the life out of your plants. They hide under the leaves so you may not even know that they are living there. I hate them. They helped in the killing off of two my dearest babies. (So if you think I'm mad as a hatter for talking about plants this be it. They are my children who I love and nurture) I finally decided to bring in an army to try and combat them. Tonight I introduced Lacewing eggs into the garden. Now the lovely thing about these little flying buggers is that their larva and hungry....hungry for whiteflies and other soft bodies bugaboos. Good thing too because it's starting to warm up out here, and I know how fast they whiteflys can multiply. So, I may have a bunch of lacewings swarming around in a few months and hopefully mating so I can keep my little warriors munching. To hell with pesticides! Nature takes care of it's own.

I had my thoughts lately about simply letting this site die off. I find myself to be rather boring and dull lately. It doesn't make for interesting reading most of the time. I hardly ever seem to have anything of importance to say about being gay, or much else. Today though, I really though about it and realized, this is where I write for me. It's something that my little sister Chryssa had mentioned and I tend forget from time to time. This is my space to voice whatever I feel fit. So, I think I'll keep writing for a while longer and see how I feel about it. Which brings to mind something that strikes me as curious.

I know that I'm not a great commentor, and truthfully, I'm not a comment whore either. So, I started wondering how I became jealous of folks that had so many folks commenting on their sites. Does it mean that they are more "popular"? Am I just that bland? And then it struck me simply doesn't matter. There are folks that will comment, and folks that wont ya know? And, in some odd way, it's like getting a letter in the mail you never expected from a friend. So, whether it's one person, or a million commenting, just knowing that out there in this rather cold void of cyberdom there is someone you pokes their head up to say "Hi, I see you. Just saying Hi" is more than enough.

Maybe I'll try and write about the albums tomorrow. Maybe not, I honestly can't say because it will be a Friday and usually I try and get the hell out of the house that night. Sure, it's only dinner with me and my book of choice (currently a Laurell K Hamilton novel), and probably a pop down to the shop to hang out and chat with folks...but it's out and not cooped up...and it's nice.

Take care my friends. I hope that the world is treating you well, that there's a little bounce in your steps, and just know that there's someone else out here poppin up to wave at ya and say "Hey, I see you. Glad to see you." :)


Miladysa said...

Glad to see you too handsome ;)

Steve said...

*waves & says hi*

Get cracking on the album meme and have a great weekend, OK?

Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

Well, I, for one, read you all the time... but then again, we talk on the phone all the time too... but you should do with the site that you feel fit. I'll miss you in blogworld, but since we're pals in the real world, at least I'll still have you.

Glad to hear about Philly... It's always nice to hear great news.

You'll get a Hi from me on the phone later... xo, pookie.

Brad said...

My friend, drop the thoughts of dropping the blog. It IS for you. It is wonderful therapy actually put down in writing what you FEEL once in awhile. A blog is a fluid thing. It changes as you change and with you. Sometimes you won't have much to say and sometimes you don't have enough time to say everything you want to say.

Just be you, keep the blog and we will keep following along WITH you friend!

Martin said...

I'm not much of a commenter myself, but I do drop by to read. And I enjoy hearing your perspective on life.