Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Random...oh so random

My god....I'm so hooked on LOST (thank ya David for the loaner of the dvds) and now I'm not sure what I'm gonna do when I finish watching the last disc. It's not often that I find myself this caught up in a Tv show. For the most part I can take or leave Tv ya know? There's no show on the air currently that I know of that makes me just "have" to watch it. LOST though? Well damn but it's a good ride! Now I have to wait for season 2 to come out? Sigh...two more discs and I'm done with season 1. Guess it's gonna be a long couple of months heheh.

So, oddly enough my friend J called me. Well, he called my home phone (long story short I hardly ever answer that number...yeah I'm a screener) but then aparently hung up without a message. How do I know it was him? Cause he called my cell next. Bad thing was I felt exhausted after work that day and didn't want to talk to anyone. Even if Anthony Rapp, my hubby, called me I doubt that I would have answered that day. So now I am in a wierd netherland. I'm halfway scared to call him back now (cause this was on Tues) because I don't know what to expect from the conversation ya know? I don't deal well with conflict to begin with. Thought about sending him an Email but that just seems silly and high schoolish. Guess I need to just get over myself and the fear and call him. Hopefully even if he's pissed at me, he'll have my money finally. Then, I think it's gonna be paying off bills and putting some into some kinda IRA, or something that will make my money make me money. What's left over..oh yeah baby...I'm finally going to take a little vacation I think!

So my buddy over at Persian Guy (the sexy one hehe) has these great posts about his family tree complete with pictures. I realized recently I don't have any pictures of my family. I think I have some pictures of my mom from when my neice was born about a year ago. I don't have any recent pictures of my nieces and nephew, nor of my brothers. Funny things is while I don't relate to them really...I do want to be able to see them picturewise ya know? I think this stems from the fact that after 10 years now, I have a hard time remember what my dad looked like. Kinda sad actually because I'm sure I used to have pictures of him. A lot of stuff got lost when I was homeless. Lot of family type stuff. Thinking about askin my brother in Texas if he has any extra pictures of pop.

Some reason recently I've been thinking about family in general. Thinking about what's going to happen when the inevitable happens and my mom passes ya know? Now she's not going to go for a long time, this I know. Just wierd thinking about it. I mean, what's going to happen to my relationship with my brothers? Probably all this was brought about by reading Anthony Rapp's memoirs. A lot of it was about Rent but the majority was about him and his family. Just makes me think ya know? Makes me smile in a way too. Ah...the joys of being human. (and sometimes they really aren't that bad I guess heh)

So I wanted to give a shout out to a couple of folks I started reading (or in one case have been reading) cause I really like their blogs. Brad over at Male Feet and HNT down south of me here in Cali. Jared at Comletely Naked who's up North of me (hm...finally I'm in the middle of a manwitch hehe). Go check em out. I think they rock pretty damn hard.

Oish....time for this camper to get himself some dinnerage. Why the hell is it that lately I can't seem to eat before 9pm? Sigh...I gotta find a motivational force to get my ass in gear a little more here at home. At work? Oh yeah babies, ain't nothin but a meatball sandwich there. No problem having motivation when you got a line of customers. Still when I get this down time, it's a little more difficult. Least it's almost Friday. What will I do with it? Hell if I know, but I am thinking about puttering in my garden this weekend if it dries out a little. Thinking about maybe driving down to Santa Cruz with a bottle as well.

Now this is not what you are thinking. I'm not going to the beach to get all messed up on something alcoholic. I want to try an experiment. I want to send a message in a bottle to where ever it may land. The problem is that I don't know how to really get it out to see properly. I mean if I just throw it in the ocean at the beach, it's probably going to just wash back up on shore here in Cali. I want it to go somewhere exotic. I want the message to find it's way somewhere outside of the US. Just have to figure out how to get it to do that. I haven't come up completely with the message but I do know that for the most part, it will be about peace. Can you imagine what it would be like to find an honest to god message in a bottle and it's a message saying something like "This message comes in peace, and wishes the message to be spread." How wacky and cool would that be? Yeah, I'm a wierdo, but I just think it would rock to find something like that.

Ok, off to find food and get a little shut eye (which after sleeping through DOOM this afternoon I hope I can catch hehe)


Ryan said...

hey bro hope my pest dont get mad 4 me calling u that if so oh well he needs 2 get ovet it. anyhoo just stopping into 2 say hi and ill call u later today got some gossip i need 2 tell ya. sending u some southern love.

The Persian said...

Sorry that you aren't close to your family Mike, and that you don't have many photos. Don't procrastinate getting some from your brother..time passes, things happens and it really sucks to look back and say If only I had asked them for this or that.

Im lucky, I was a crazy teen into genealogy and family history since the age of 14. Everybody was alive back then and more than eager to dump their old pictures and documents on the kid asking all the questions. If I didnt get most of them then, they would probably be fine dust in some dumpyard by now. Most people just don't care.


Brad said...

Thanks for the mention friend! Also was glad to see your comment over at my place that you are thinking of working on the family thing. The biggest thing is knowing that YOU tried, regardless of how it all turns out. And yep just like you said, if they pass on and it was unfinished business? It becomes a whole new set of baggage to carry around with you for the rest of your life. Take care friend!

Mike said...

Omg I love Lost too. Ive never missed a episode.

Camilla said...

Who can recist loving LOST?? As you know, I am soooo in love with Sawyer..That poor thing everyone loves to hate. But he is sooo misunderstod, or maybe just so damn HOT..hehe..

Take care my big angle in Cali..I am thinking of you :)