Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oish...not again

Damnit....I knew I should have saved my draft. Don't ya hate that? You have your post going along nice and easy and BOOM....you do something and delete the whole damn thing.....sigh. Well, this was going to have some random info and a meme that I was tagged with but I think I'm going to have to post the tag tomorrow (sorry Rey but it's pretty complex I'm finding out...sound like I'm going through what you did). So, there's going to be a list tomorrow (maybe later tonight) of my 5 albums why they're your favorite albums of all time, and the memories you have associated with each. Believe me it's taking me longer than expected to actually write this because I got a bit flooded with the memories when I thought about each one....good and bad.

So I got to hang out with Adam this afternoon. He had a project for school and I said that I'd meet up with him and talk to him about the shop and the customers and the staff. Apparently it's for a composition class he's taking (English major), but it was fine by me because I just got to sit next to him and look at him heh. Damn those redheads. I know I've mentioned him before but he's this adorable redhead with a scruffyish bear and a lip piercing (never saw that looking so hot on anyone!). We've chatted a little bit but from opposite sides of the counter. Today I got to really look at him a little closer. Yup, still adorable...beautiful eyes..and I just wanted to say to him, "Dude I'm sure you're probably straight but I think you're one of the sexiest beasts I've ever seen." Didn't though. Ya never know what a straight guy might do in a freak out situation. I did so want to just kiss him once. Just once to see what that lip ring would feel like against my lips. Just once because I think he's so beautiful. Just once.

I do tend to have these insane crushes at work. I doubt that even if Adam was gay that I'd be his type but ya know what? He's nice to me and that goes a long way in my books. Course, my Frenchman didn't come in today, or not while I was working. Him...I just don't know. I get the feeling that the poor boy is pretty clueless about my flirting with him. Now if I'm wrong, well all bets are off and I actually plan on asking both Adam and my French friend to come and have dinner sometime...we'll see if I have the nerve. Although I feel more comfortable about asking Adam. Funny eh? Bad thing is that I think Adam is probably a LOT younger than me although he's probably more mature than me as well hehe.

I was thinking about starting up another blog site. I felt the need recently to write. I don't mean journalize, but write fiction...write bad poetry...write a new play. Just all these ideas come into my head and if I don't get fingers flying on the keyboard here, they seem to dissapate. Sad really because I tend to have them while driving or behind the counter at work.

And ya know, I have big feet. No, seriously. I'm 6'4" and I got size 13 feet. Why is that important? Well I can apparently put not only both my feet in my mouth but I can swallow them up to my damn knees lately. Yup, I have hoof in mouth diseaze. I open my mouth and the wrong words come out and I wind up thinking, "Oh shit...I did it again." or, "Crap...now they're going to think [blank]", or I just fuck up when I talk lately. So to the people I have tried to communicate with vocally....my appologies. Maybe after the latest round of lobotomies I will be able to stop being an idiot.

Hm...I have that meme stuck in my brain so, I think I'm just going to give you the listing of the artists and cover the actually meme tomorrow. 5 albums/artist of great relevance to me are:

Bob Dylan
The Swans
Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Tori Amos
Christopher Lawrence and Global Underground.

Now, for those that don't know Rahsaan...oh by all means go and download something by him. If ya don't know Dylan, go look up his lyrics for Positively 4th Street and/or Like A Rolling Stone. The Swans are rather obscure now but they're goth at it's finest perhaps. Tori....ah my little songbird. And Chris Lawrence, and of course the entire Global Underground series...well it's trance babies.

Now it's time to go and watch a little bit of Capote for me. Been waiting for this since I saw it in the theatres. Be safe, Be well! (and we'll keep ya updated on the guys if I see them tomorrow heh)


Daisy said...

Monsieur, you are so cute. I so enjoy reading your posts.
Have a great week. Hope your french guy comes around again. Oui! :)

joey said...

You know what they say....big feet...big socks. ;)

Steve said...

Enjoy Capote... I did. Oh yea, after being burned by Blogger *many* times, I now write a post in Word, then copy & paste it to Blogger when I'm done. One day, you'll learn, too!

Ariel1980 said...

I only write in Word Perfect and then paste into blogger, for the very same reasons: besides, it makes editing much, much easier.

Adam. ::sigh::

The Persian said...

I am paranoid about that happening to me because I tend to ramble on in my posts (on occasion) so I copy/paste the text before hitting submit, and sometimes I even save as draft a couple times if I have to collect my thoughts.

What is up with you and cute straight guys? It's like torture man, stop falling for them! *wink*

Haven't talked in ages buddy, give me a call when you get time.