Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Le's normal life again

Photo by Kelly Stern

Well we are again. I think I'm going to save talking much about the past weekend until I get it all written down. There was a lot of fun had by me though and it was my very first Pride parade so ... pretty dern excitin.

So it's really back to the daily grind lately for me. Fearing what my phone bill may look like, trying to remind myself that I have a babyshower this weekend to go to, and suddenly realizing that it's almost July! Now I have a love/hate relationship with July because yeah...I'm a Cancer/Leo cusp and if you know astrology you know what month I was born in. Course, there is also the 4th coming up on Tuesday. Then me buddy's birthday a couple of days before mine...and blah blah blah.

Last night was rather...well it was a big phone night apparently. Talke with my buddy JS out here, then talked to Rey, then my friend S called and the next thing I knew it was 9:30 and I'm thinking to myself, "Wasn't I going to just watch a movie and have a quiet night?". Then it hit me that I needed to eat. So, yup...sandwich at 9:30 and probably asleep by 10:30. Maybe I'm getting old. Yeah, right. I don't think so.

I've noticed I really need to do something about my blogroll because I've added a lot of folks that I read now and I feel bad I don't have them on there. Unfortunately for me, it takes a while since I'm a simpleton when it comes to some of these things. I swear I'm going to learn some HTML one of these days...but not before I learn more about spiders. I have a pleathora of them out in the garden these days. Fine by me, they eat the bugs. Problem is that on the odd occaission they decide to come in and visit me. Now, I have told them time and again that they can do what ever they want OUTSIDE. I generally chase them around in here and trap them and then release them outside again where they freak and run away. So I started thinking it would be interesting to just get to know spiders a bit better....not up close mind ya but via books and the net.

Course, now that I'm getting more into anime I'm thinking that it might be a pretty good idea to learn some Japanese. I think it would be a hoot to read the manga in the original language. Course it would help to be able to watch anime in the original language as well. Swear I would be a linguist if I could stand to study more. It's actually really hard to sit down and just learn a language by yourself ya know? Hell, I have my book and cds on learning Irish Gaelic and have I started workin it? Nope.

Ah me. Well everyone is posting thier pictures from Pride and I'm lovin it. I'm still thinking about just linking to my Flicker account. Don't know yet. That's what the weekend is for ya know? And for me to quit babbling. And to say that I send ya all big ol' hugs..... and Elvira (I love you Cassandra Peterson!!)

Be safe. Be happy. Be PROUD. Be Loved!

p.s. Ya ever notice how your blog is always a work in progress? Le sigh


Brad said...

Justin is so afraid of spiders! Send a couple my way so I can hear him scream like a girl!

Darin said...

Thanks so much for helping make Saturday afternoon so much fun for Darin#2 and me!!!

I can't wait to sit next to you in another Oxygen Bar - soon!

Michael said...

Hey Brad...I'll drop you a line cause I think I have just the thing for Justin then ;)

Darin! I really was bummed not to see you on Sunday. I'm really hoping that you two make it out this way again. Pass along to #2 (that cuty) my email if ya like. Tis on my profile. Now where'd I put that water massager?

Anonymous said...

AWESOME POST!!!! Still loving the flag! :o)