Sunday, July 09, 2006

S -A- T- U- R -DAY Night!

Ah me. I think I have found a new addiction. Yes, I have found podcasts. Now I really wish I had an Ipod and I know not to expect one on my birthday but a guy can dream can't he? At any rate, yes, podcasts. Some of the guys I had met over the Pride weekend (and why do I feel I need to capitalize Pride? Hmm) have them there podcast which equates (to me) to having your own mini-radio show. Now, I have to either burn them to disc so I can listen to them easier or sit here with the computer speakers blaring. I would actually choose to listen to them...on an Ipod hehe.

Have to say, that while listening to four different people's shows, it's amazing how varied a show can be. It's almost like listening to a good public radio station ya know? And yes...I'm slightly jealous because I miss theatre and being creative. Sort of something fun (although I know it has to be a fair amount of work) to put out there. Some way to put out music I'm listening to, come up with characters that I had long since forgotten. Just have some creative fun more than sitting around trying desparately to write up Captain Lavender.

Captain Lavender is a "superhero" that has been in my head now for around 2-3 months? He came about from a chat over dinner with D when we went up to see the Martin Short show. And from there, it's just blossomed the more I work on it. Problem is getting it all out of my head and on to paper. That really is the hard part actually. It took me until July 4, while driving, to realize his origins. And believe me, he may have a really ubergay name, but in my head he is tooth and nail tough. I'm sure that eventually I'll get around to blogging more about him/it.

The weekend is coming to an end (yes I know I still have tomorrow Sunday but I'm already thinking about this coming week), and I realized again that I haven't really done much. It's like the weekends come and Saturday is just a flash, a blink of my eye and it's say 11pm and I'm thinking "Where'd it go?". Did some minor work in the garden that needs more work though. I'm happy to report that my Texas Blue Bonnets have popped up and have been replanted to larger pots. That and my Chinese Lanters got replanted as well. I can't wait for them to both bloom. Currently the only blooming thing in the garden are my gladioli and heliotrope and snap dragons. I need more color damnit! hehe

So it appears that within a few weeks D and H are possibly going to have the baby boy! Exciting exciting to me. Surrogate uncle Shadowmichael. Sigh. I'm actually scared because ya know, I've never been around a new born before. Scared that I'll have smoked a cig and not washed my hands, scared that I would go to hold him and somehow break the baby...just wierd to me. But still, sooner than possibly expected. Actually maybe just in time for me to turn...oh dear...le birthday. Welp to tell the truth, it's sneaking up on me and I tend to forget that because there's a lot going on this month don'tcha know.

So that's about the excitement here. In other words, not much (other than the damn comic book store taking more of my money but I can't complain). Now if the Blue Jays would just pick up the pace and start winning again, the world would look even better. I want those boys to make it this year to the world series or even get the Wild Card position. I know there's still time so all you Blue Jays fans (*crickets chirpping*), send them good vibes!

I think I'm going to pop in my new cd of All India Radio and drift off to sleep.

Be safe. Be happy. Be PROUD. Be Loved!


Brad said...

All India Radio? Now that sounds interesting. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, bud.

Adam said...

I'm so glad you've decided to join us :) Don't forget, you don't need an iPod to listen to podcasts. You can get an iRiver really cheap on if you really need a quick solution.

Phoenixboi said...

Look forward to the time when you can do a podcast!!
Cheers hope you had a great weekend!

Verdant said...

Thanks again for swinging by on Friday night to help spread the word on Pride High!