Sunday, December 11, 2005

Is it Friday again yet?

I had it...I bloody well had it, then I went to the bank and pulled some money for dinner...that's when I lost it. Yup, that Yultide spirit is kinda lacking currently. I know I get paid again this week but dammit...that leaves me almost no time to shop really. Sigh...yeah I know cry me a friggin river eh?

So I'm afraid I'm starting down a little bit of a slippery slope here, one that I am sure I can pull myself out of. See, I spent the better part of the weekend doing very little. I got my christmas card finished but I haven't printed them yet. So the slope would be a lack of motivation. I was all set to clean today after I got breakfast, and of course there was an hour of playing Xmen Legends II...but hey I still had the better part of the afternoon right? So looking to see what I could put on the tube to listen to whilest I cleaned....I got sucked into Broadway The American Musical (love documentaries about entertainment industry stuff) and POOF...the day was gone. Another work week staring me dead in the eyes, I got off my lazy ass and went to the shop to do my list for tomorrow. Now? It's friggin 8pm here and I have done absolutely nothing all weekend that I had planned to do.

So I put it out there to all of y' do you keep your motivations going? Be it going to the gym, dieting, trying to save money, writing more...whatever it is. I swear I'm starting to think that I'm just a lazy f'er ya know? I would blame work and the lack of a vacation and blah blah blah but we'd all know I was just lyin'. I think if I had say 4 days off I'd be so damn lazy that all I'd do would be eat and sleep. Starting to think that maybe there is something wrong here in my life but I can't pinpoint it. Just too wierd.

Probably just the holiday blues or something so I'll get over it. Shit, I have to because if I sink way down into it....I have a bad feeling that all sort of shite is gonna hit the fan. Ah well...least I got to hang out with D this past week. I need to get out more dammit. I know that's part of it. Maybe it's just time for another radical change in life or something. Maybe a new job (if I can find one that pays me more and I don't have to be up at the butt crack of dawn). Ah's all conjecture at this point.

I'm going to eat and watch a movie cause I'm feeling like being a slug again. And jeez...I just yesterday was my 6 months here on this site. I obviously know how to ramble heheh.


Steve said...

I was a slug (well, kinda) over the weekend, too, so don't feel bad. I really had to finish up some studio work, but I really thought I needed the rest and my back hurt. (Maybe it was just a pain in the ass.) Now, however, I need to get my ass motivated and finish. Happy 6 months, by the way. I'm happy I found you, and really enjoy your blog.

Spencer said...

Some weekends are just best when you do nothing. Enjoy it!

Miladysa said...

The weekend sounds great - just go with the flow and as Spencers says enjoy!

I am a typical Leo, I have spurts of energy and then love to laze :)

Happy 6 Month Anniversary x

The Persian said...

I know what you mean, i drift in and out of the Holiday Spirit the minute stress rears its nasty head. Motivation has always been tough for me, but certain things I always seem to make sure I do. One is to work out every day since I started my blog (July). This is at home and not the gym, but I make sure it's done. When I get home from work and I dont feel like it, i have 3 cups of coffee and get energized.


Ryan said...

where u been big bro i have missed u!

ScandinavienNova said...

You are not lazy my peach, but I do know the feeling.

I can spend day after day without doing anything more then the ordinary daily stuff you have to do. At least you have a job to go to. So you can be a bit lazy on the weekends without being ashamed for it :)

I hope you find your spirit soon again! Maybe you gave it all to me the other day when you "saved" me? :)

Take care honey!

Ryan said...

i got your email bro and i will write u back soon! sending love.