Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oh hell...the message is garbled

There are times when things happen in your life for no good reason other than to put your face in it ya know? Well babies, odd and mysterious workings seem to be going on. It's not the mystery I had entended to write about. I'm afraid that fell apart like whisps of smoke on a San Francisco windy day. Yes, it had to do with Ben but....I'm afraid that just blew up in my face completely. I may find myself pleasantly surprised if I ever get a responce from him, but I'm doubting it like I doubt I'm an alien from a superior planet (when we all know I'm Batman).

Have you ever met someone, and when you looked at them there was this strange feeling that you'd met or that you knew them even though it was the first time you remembered laying eyes on them? Well, that was yesterday in the shop for me. Sure I see a lot of faces coming through but this guy....I don't know what it was about him. He was wearing a jacket and when I asked him where he'd gotten it, he responded to me like we were old friends. Then he commented on my earring (a kinda gothy piece of jewlery) saying that on others it would have looked intimidating but not on me. Here's the wierdest part to me....he made me feel at ease and calm and ??? Is he cute? Yeah. Am I gaga for him? No. But there's something about him.

Today he came back into the shop and I learned that his sister had just had a baby. We were chatting at the reg like we knew each other pretty well and I doubt either of us had seen the other before Wenesday. I'm hoping that he comes back in tomorrow. It's not in that "god I wanna make him my boyfriend" way, or even "He's so fucking hot" way. It's something that I honestly have no clue how to explain. I don't even know this guy's name for cryin out loud. But still he makes me feel so "everything is going to be alright" is the only way to explain it I guess.

I finally got the chance to talk with my buddy Rey last night. Now I know he's going to be looking here so I can't say anything about the conversation because you wouldn't want to know how he makes me laugh, and what a great guy he is, and what a big sweetheart he't let that out of the bag ;) Honestly hope that some day I'll get to go and hang out with him. I know we could get into so much trouble but have so much fun doing it!

I'm still procrastinating here by the way, so the cards will get mailed this weekend or Friday by hook or by crook! I have to get these out because I'm afriad hardly anyone is going to be getting a present from me this year. I'll get a little something for my family here, and I guess I'm going to have to be crafty and order online for my relatives in Texas. Just knowing that I probably won't have my paycheck until Friday or worse, Monday, is kinda killing my Christmas Spirit. Hard to go shopping where the coffers are bare!

I do hope that my mysterious stranger (which is a great story by Mark Twain by the way) comes back tomorrow. I have a feeling that I'm trying to be told something again by the universe but I just don't quite get the message. Still, it somehow fills me with a sense of peace and hope. I just hope it means something good and that the changes for the coming year are going to be positive and hopefully easy ones.


Miladysa said...

I know exactly what you are writing about. It happens with me too! There is a man I know who I refer to as Merlin, he is a historian and has his own television series over here. I met him for the first time at a book signing at a museum. I just knew him the moment I set eyes on him, nothing sexual, he is just so 'familiar' etc. The strange thing was he felt exactly the same way and started a conversation with me about it. Turns out he is a practising Druid and he thinks we are 'old souls' who recognise each other. Probably sounds daft but these things happen :)

Try not to get too down about the money and I am sorry that things did not work out as planned. ((Hugs))

Spencer said...

Yes that's happen to me a few times. I still think you need to but one foot forward and take more chances!

Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

It might be some sort of deja vu not based on future events but on future relationships (I studied consciousness in college) where you cross paths with someone who isn't in your current life, but due to a glitch in consciousness, you recognize them for a larger role they'll play in your life in the future. Kinda hokey, I know, but our auras carry more than just past memories.

And, for sure, I thought you were gonna say that you couldn't get a word into our conversation edgewise because I kept babbling on and on and on... And yeah, I could definitely see us getting in LOTS of trouble when we hang out... it could be dangerous!


Ryan said...

hey bro im sending u an email.

Michael said...

None of what any of you said sounds in the least bit daft to me. Ya gotta remember that I'm a pagan and when odd things like this happen...well, I see it as a sign of things.

Money comes and goes. Now if I can just get my Christmas Cards to go out before Christmas! :)