Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ooo....OO! It's that day!

Well, I guess the countdown has started. I got roughly 11 hours here til Midnight and the new year....I need to get all that drinking, and eating in before hand so I can start off 2006 in good shape....or start to be. (and since I don't really drink that often or that much it's more about the food!)

I'm sure I'll be updating things as time goes along today. I'm planning on going to the fams for dinner tomorrow and have to make a mousse tonight whilest waiting for Rey to call me (and me to call's a New Years time zone thing), and callin Ryan as well. So, I'm off to store to see what kinda Ka-Ching I get this time with Coinstar and my bag o' change!

More to Come!

So here we are now at around 4 and I'm feelin like I went through the wringer for some reason. Funny how waking up at 5am will do that to ya *grumble*. Did I make major dosh today? Well, $170 ain't chicken feed and that was all in coinage! Course, I decided to look at videogames but the upside (or downside) was that there wasn't anything that caught my eye. Think I'm gonna tuck that 100 away for next Saturday's journey to see Lestat. You better believe I'm all a tingle about that one babies!!
Course, now that I have completed one task, I have three more to do before I can think about calling it a day to sit around playing Indigo Prophecy (rented thank ya very much) and waiting for the midnight call. And of course there are calls to be made as well, and oddly enough some wrapping to be done of belated Christmas presents, AND one for my friend H's birthday today.'s supposed to be a weekend and holiday ... sigh ... perhaps a little lay down is in order to make it through and a nice cupper (I'm getting addicted to Earl Grey I think even though I have never met him, he makes a lovely cup of tea).
In case I'm lame and don't post before midnight tonight,
may it be safe and bright for us all!


philly jane said...

My new year's resolution is to start 2007 in excellent shape. ;)

The Persian said...

Happy New Year my friend, and I wish you the best for all of your resolutions!!!!!!!!


JIM :)

Steve said...

I'm sure I'll be deep in Zzzz land by the time it arrives (it's hell to get old), so I'll with you a very Happy New Year right now. I wish you well.