Saturday, November 05, 2005

Dark wandering through poetry

There is a secret joy in writing. Something that I can't explain. Something that just hits y ou and then flows out of your fingers without thought. Sometimes it's a pure emotion such as sadness, or love, or hate, or indignation. Tonight, it was a childrens poem that rattled through my brain as I drove home. Something slightly darkish, slightly gothish.

A word about goths (my brethren). Goths aren't gloom and doom. That's Hollywood's idea of us. It's about the beauty in the darkness. How can you not look at Edwardian attire and not see how rich and lovely it is? Waistcoats, black makes my heart sing. Then there are the more industrial goths that are decked out in wetlook leather and plastics. We dance to music such as Alien Sex Fiend, The Cure, London After Midnight, NIN. Look them up because you'd be surprised at how varied the sounds are even within these groups. Loud and raucous, to mellodic and moody. And we dance as we want to as well. It's actually rather amazing to see because you have some of us that dance very controlled and use our arms and hands to make what I can only equate as "beautiful motions", and there are those of us that flail and bend like puppets without strings.

So, because my little black gothy heart had a childish side to it tonight (and possibly thanks to Harry Potter that I'm three almost on four), I wrote a little something called

Let’s go down that darkening path,
where the billyblogs do bloom,
and the sidelcreepers crawl along the muddy muddy path.
Into the woefull woods that grow beneath the moon,
and the little slivers never seem to last.

If an elflish happens to tickle your nose,
or a blossom reaches out to nibble on your knee,
remember that the path is dark only to them,
but bright and lovely for me.

Spiders hang their hammocks up,
and sleeping soundly do dream of us.
And eyes so red that they glow like coals,
greet us as we wander to and fro.

A sliver of the moon rests loudly on my shoulder,
and the velvet, which darker, sings a song to her my sister.
An old an ancient spirit roams these woods that are so dark,
but he is calling out to us to join him in the dance.

Somewhere in the clearing of brush and brambly wood,
the dead have come to celebrate and usher us within.
Large goblets of a liquid which is something quite unknown,
and tables upon scraps of bones that hold the flowery thrown.

And corpses dance with rare delight, and haggard werewolves too,
the band is playing gothy sounds from the skin that has tattoos.
A vampire pausing slightly, excusing himself from the bump,
delights in taking a nibble just before you jump.

That darkening world of wonder where all children know no fear,
the place where laughter comes from the sound of a single tear
that’s painted on the face of the goul who’s mad from dance,
and a bollyrog comes kalumping in to have himself a snack.

And on this night where you and I are dancing with our kind,
we know the world is safe and sound within the other’s minds.
For little is there now to dread from darkness, or their kind.
Our velvet and our painted eyes have found our brotherly kin.


ScandinavienNova said...

Morning M

You know me, I can't just simply drop a line or two. I have to ask things and write veeeeery long ;-)

To begin with, that Poem was very very beautiful. :)

Second: I am not saying that I am right on this, but so far my opinion and experince with people that is into this Goth-style is like this: Many (not all) seeks theme self to groups like this since they are hurting inside in one way or another. There they find others that can understand them, since they have a hard time feeling that they fit anywhere else.

Do you get me? I am just wondering if I am right or am I wrong?

To me people that are diffrent from the rest standard-types of humans are so fascinating I think. They say so much just in how they express them self by clothing or what ever.

Better stop now? Don't you think? :-)

Take care M!

Ariel1980 said...

"where you and I are dancing with our kind": I love it.

And I have long loved the Cure. Enjoy your Edwardian clothes, and I do agree: they are lovely things. I have a frock coat you'd kill for (from the wardrobe of a play I was in.)

Spencer said...

Very Deep!

We are all the same inside and I see nothing wrong with goth hell I seen a few boys was hot as hell in all that black.

Dude I like your blog but I think you need to take more chances jump in you might get hurt then again you might not!

ScandinavienNova said...

Hi M

Just me checking on you to see how you are- I hope that you feel lighter in your heart and spirit today.


Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

Hi Michael... it's funny, I was (and still am to a certain degree) a goth, not by clothes anymore but in my outlook in life. I've been reading your blog for a while now and it reminds me of a lot of my life... in highschool and college... and post college (I'm actually going to see Bauhaus this Saturday for the second time this year - I saw them at Coachella, and I saw Dead Can Dance just last month... and next week, I'll be in London hanging out with Emma Anderson of Lush). And you're absolutely right.. The goth outlook is about seeing beauty in darkness, richness in fabric, wealth in emotion. Listening to Sisters of Mercy, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Kommunity FK, and even some of the newer synthpop like Wolfsheim, Breborn Beton, and Apoptygma Berzerk, puts you in a mindset that really washes you in waves of moods and senses.

There's something quite amazing and beautiful about enveloping yourself in your own realm at a club like Batcave/Downtime or Limelight/Avalon (or the Bank - RIP), bathed in rich warm red lights, while dancing to the minor chords of Pornography-era Cure or Joy Division or Xmal Deutschland.

And I agree with everyone else... take a chance and use this blog to unleash the emotions you save for your dancing onto here... as words. You write beautifully and you should let the rest of us revel in your language.


Miladysa said...

I am not sure if I am a goth or not? I love velvets, the majority of my wardrobe is velvet! I love Edwardian, 90% of my jewellery is antique - but not expensive antique and generally Edwardian! I am a night person, love the vampire genre, but not sure musically as I love just about everything! My daughter says that my 8 year old grandaughter is a budding goth and that she gets it from her mother and grandmother so perhaps I/we are! I do not think any of us are hurting inside though I do feel that we 'feel' deeply!

I just loved the poem and the purple really worked too! :)