Friday, November 18, 2005

My friend Gerald was an amazing guy. I met him off but I think we probably talked more through the blogs we both wrote. He was funny, vivacious and one of the few people I honestly thought about going back to Texas to meet because I knew we'd have a blast. I felt very comfortable with him for some reason. I had seen a few pictures of him and he was tall and beautiful in my eyes.

Gerald was in school to finish up his dissertation (if I remember right), and what was the field? Art. A kindred spirit seemed to me. He allowed me to be as silly as I want because he never took offense when I wrote in what some people may consider "black" slang terms.

My friend Gerald passed away and I don't know how to deal with this really. I just got a message in an email today and all i can think is that I wish I had actually met him in person just once. Wish that I had talked to him on the phone just once. Wish that we had hung out and gotten shitfaced and laugh our asses off just once. For all the times that he lifted me up in his own way, I loved him for it.

You are and will always be a prince my little angry black cub. May flights of angels sing thee to thy sleep.

For my babydoll

I know that there's nuthin sweeter than them sugar from those lips.
You know what I'm meanin so don't try and play ignant.
Y'all best be shakin that ass to some funkiest of beats with a drink in both hands
and a man in both arms.
I ain't never gonna say bye to you babycakes.
You's always here in this heart of mine.
Ain't got nuthin but love baby....nuthin but love.