Sunday, November 13, 2005

Where'd my weekend go?!

Well the weekend is over. I have done jack diddly and shite for the last two days. Not entirely true because I did manage to finish playing Katamari Damacey. What a wierd and wacky game. Now the only down side is that I am finally relaxed now....and it's Sunday night. Do ya see the major flaw in this plan? Ah well...a trip to the video store and I have two new games to keep me company. Yes, I'm still in a somewhat seclusional mood but I'm pulling out of it slowly.

Out of this weekend I did find myself somehow messing up my neck slightly. I slept wrong. Now I have a wierd problem with semantics. I mean, how exactly do you sleep "wrong". Ya just sleep ya know? Same thing with "I slept funny on it". What, was there a clown underneath me that was pushing his horn into my neck? Odd how we come up with these phrases isn't it? Point being, my neck is extremely stiff today for unknown reasons to me plus, I haven't been able to get going all day. Not sure what that is all about but, I'm over it.

Thanks M'lday for the sites about embedding vids and music. I haven't had a chance to really look them over yet but perhaps there will be musical interludes here from time to time now. And Camilla, I an now ravenous thinking bout your dinner! If the bastards that owe me money would pay up, I could make it out there tomorrow ;)

So money was on my mind lately. I got caught in a trap of sorts because of it. I had an inheritence from my grandmother for the past couple of years (and it's almost gone now) that taught me about the life I'd like to lead. I didn't go anywhere exotic, didn't take a vacation except for Disneyland but that money allowed me to do things for myself and my friends. Well, now that it's all but dried up and blown away, I want it to continue. Problem being is that my job doesn't even pay me 13/hr. I do alright for myself and I can survive and exist, but that's about it to some degree. And what do i want? A new job somewhere with benifits and paid bloody vacation time! Now, I have no idea what this mythical job is mind you, but it's gotta be out there and someone has to be willing to pay me 15-20/hr to do something (with my clothes on thank you very much you naughty naughty people). Just a question of finding it and it not making me go completely loopy. I don't do well with the "corporate" sector. Then again, Google is almost right down the street from me. We shall see.

Speaking of jobs, yes indeedy you read right in my last posting. I'm going to be shooting a video for a friend's band. I'll be playing an evil scientist (yeah big stretch heh). We'll probably be shooting it in January. Do I have silly dreams that this will revitalize my faded acting career and dreams? um....sort of. Will it do anything for said now non-existant career? Probably not but the chance to work as an actor again is worth it. No pay, but who cares. I'll be able to show it to my friends and maybe use it to my advantage somehow. We did a promo shoot right before their cd release party.
This is what I'll be looking like:

And like this with my evil henchmen by my side. The idea is that my character is has invented a radio that will basically be mind controlling. All the needs is musicians to power it (sucking the life out of their music) but when my friends in Atomic Mint show turns out that the desert they were stranded in was a nuclear test site! Their music overpowers my machine, but I think I may be back ;) Check out their website by the way.
Atomic Mint I'm pretty sure that they have some mp3s to listen to there. The song the video is for is Yo Quiero Musica


Miladysa said...

Absolutely fantastic about the vid - clothes on too! :) I have good feelings about the acting - Who Dares Wins!

I just love dressing up! I shall try and find some of my Rocky Horror photographs for you :)

The Persian said...

Looks amazing Michael!

Steve said...

Lately, I've been wondering where the entire weekend goes, too. This morning, I'm going to tell my boss that I'm only working 4 days a week. I'll give 'em a week or two to get somebody else in here, 'cuz I'm courteous like that. I love your evil scientist look, too. That's hot, actually.