Monday, November 28, 2005

Is it Friday? It's raining.

Thought about not posting tonight because it's already kinda past my bedtime but hey....what would a day be like without writing a little something. Funny because next month I will celibrate 6 months of writing here. Hell, Inever had that kinda stick to itness with the journal I used to keep which I hand wrote. Easier to type for me. I can type faster than I can actually write. I think I'm glad that I learned to touchtype now.

It's raining here, or it was. I love the rain. I hear so many folks saying how they hate it and it makes them depressed and blah blah blah. Well ya know what? I miss actual weather. In Texas we would have great thunder and lightening storms, torrential rains, tornado warnings, flash flood warnings, and I even remember it snowing 3 or 4 times in and around Austin. Out here in Cali? You have sunshine and sometimes overcast and then wooop...Sunshine. Believe me it gets really boring.

So why do I love rain? Because it evokes so much. Makes you wanna cuddle up in a blanket in the winter months. Put on a pot of tea or coffee and sit around watching old movies. You can build a fire if you're lucky enough to have a fireplace and just feel all cozy and warm listening to it make those delicious patters outside. Something soothing about the sound of rain to me. And in the summer? Ooo boy! You can go for walks in the rain, dance in the rain, splash in the puddles and if you were lucky enough to have space where the neighbors can't see I betcha I'd be out dancin nekid in the rain if it was warm enough. Guess it kinda brings the kid out in me. Hell, for some reason rain makes ME happy. So it's nice to know it may do it again tomorrow but there'll probably be sunshine *grumble*.

I am so lagging right now. I haven't even called my mom to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving but ... I'll just email her because I'm not sure I really want to talk to her. Not sure I really want to deal with my relatives at all anymore. Sure, it sounds harsh but I get more support and love from folks here at the Blogging Cocktail party and from my friends in Cali. It's all about who understands ya and who let's you be you. Hell, they don't even know me anymore so...but, I'm sure I'll send them presents for Christmas hehe.

So it's a random night here in my head with a few too many things pressing here and there. I got a couple of trains running around in there right now that I'm still co-ordinating, and on a completely different line I'm slowly trying to get the cars connected for a different train to start running.

My but I am an odd odd camper at times :)


Steve said...

Again, congrats on your 6 month anniversary! Rain? You want rain? It's been raining here for two days, and it's supposed to all day today, too. That's not so bad, but I've been crazy-busy and have to be out in it... 'cept for today. I'm outta here in an hour or two, and I smell a nap in my immediate future. I hope you are well.

joey said...

The family we choose can often be much more satisfying than the family we were given.

Michael said...

Mmmm....Naps *drooling* Sorry, I was thinking bout my post work activities as well Steve ;)

And AMEN Joey! Blood well right in my opinion.

jason said...

Odd? Perhaps, but then so are we all. I for one like you that way.

Oh, and send some of that rain down here. We've been in a drought for years and can't get rain to save our lives -- literally. Share, damn it!

Michael said...

I'll do a little rain dance out here and see if I can get it to ship out your way ;)

Hell, maybe I'll just see if UPS can pick some up considering that in california when it's drizzling outside, they seem to think it's pour down cats and dogs.