Friday, July 01, 2005

Working for the weekend

Think my eyes are gonna bleed out of my skull today. I am so glad that it's the weekend, and a long one for me. One extra day off! WOO! I need it after today. Plus I need to finish up my homework. I'm starting to wonder what I got myself into with this online playwriting class. There's a lot of writing (well obviously..duh), but I never thought about that.

So the joys of my job. Today is Friday, supposed to be my easy day. Let's start at 5:30 and showing up at work. Everything was fine. I got everything ready and set to open. The cd I made started skipping on track but hey, no big deal right? I start setting out outside tables up and one of my morning customers is hanging around waiting for me to put out the chairs. I swear I thought about throttling him. Hm. Not normal for me but ok, just deal with it right?

6:25 and the doors are open. Couple of regular customers. Music playing. Me trying to wake myself out of a stupor a little more with coffee. No big deal, just regular "I'm tired" beginnings. My coworker shows up on time, sits for a while before clocking in. Now they start coming. It's 7 am.

7:15 ish? I find out that I was supposed to have two urns of coffee ready for our neighbor the chiropractor. This is news to me. There isn't any coffee ground up for that purpose, and there is no note to tell me about it. We're supposed to have it ready by 7:30 for them. Okaaaay. *grimace* I grind like a madman, clean the urns, start brewing. Customers are starting to form a line by this time. I have to make sure that the coffee for the shop is full, make drinks, and try and be pleasant.

7:30 and only one urn is ready. Luckily for me they send over a friend of mine and she's really sweet about taking only one for the time being. Now there are MORE customers lining up. What the hell is going on here? It's a Friday for god's sake! They never line up like this this early. More taking care of customers, trying to get bagels, etc ready, taking orders, making drinks.....normal stuff but it's picking up already at 7:30!

The rest of the day was on and off lines, somewhat rude customers, me and my coworker Brian being slightly bitchy because we have no time to actually woof anything down, or really have a cup for ourselves. This was the rest of the day basically. It seemed that all the normally rude customers (yup you heard that right) were even more annoying and on top of that, it was bloody hot already behind the bar. What folks out in the cafe don't know is that we Baristas have to put up with the heat from our Espresso machine, the heat being pushed out from our fridge unit directly behind us, and the heat from the icemaker which is also behind us. Luckily, no one closed the doors (which they tend to do) that I left open in hopes of having a breeze of any sort come through.

Now, I'm tired. I drank a Diet Coke stupidly which means I'm tired and awake. I had a cookie for breakfast because it was sitting there and I was starving. So, caffine and sugar have been my breakfast and lunch today. What did I find when I get home? Note from the landlord explaining that the Fire Department is going to be making an inspection on the 11th and to have the inside and outside clean for them so they don't have to re-inspect. Well right now I have a messy studio and I don't want them coming in. Actually I don't like the idea of anyone being in here when I'm not here. Bothers me.

So my plans for the weekend? Cleaning up in here, and finding somewhere to put my gay porn so I don't embarrass myself or anyone else on the 11th. Finish my homework and try and get a head start on next week's assignments. Go to a friend's anniversary/housewarming part. Try and find some time to have a life.

When it rains, it POURS! Instead of working on anything, I am going to take a much deserved nap I think. After that I will go out and find food (actual food), and maybe take in Land Of The Dead cause I deserve to see other folks get eaten alive. hehe Boy I crack me up still. *grin*

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