Sunday, October 16, 2005

The end of Angst ... cause it's Sunday I had this great post going here. It was funny, and clever, and amusing and ... my computer froze and I hadn't saved it as a draft dammit! It's all because of yesterday. I was meaning to post, really I was, but there was this little problem I was having with an Empress who is actually pretty evil (hey you carry two swords with ya, ya know you got problems). She wanted to make sure the sands of time get created right, well ok I decide to help her but she backstabbed me and now I have to kill her in the present rather than the past to make sure my fate isn't sealed in doom! Ok....I played Prince of Persia yesterday afternoon...and evening...and well into the night but I am at the final battle. Yes I am a gamer dork and I will give my little Game Cube a much needed rest after this is all over. After all, I wanna crack open my new Xmen2 on the PS2 (who is feeling neglected).

So, I thought about it and thought again and realized that I have had enough angst on here to fill 3 goth albums and tomes of a 14 year old's poetry books. I'm hoping all that is at an end. I'm sick of bad news, and relatives that garuantee to upset me, and just bad stuff in general. So...I'm going to shopping in a little. I'm gonna see what kind of Dvd burning programs are out there, and look for a nice cuddly, warm blanket. Hell, I may even ride my bike around for a while!

So...seeing as she may think I have forgotten, I will be posting about being a pagan. Just not today because it tends to get a bit complex in my head and I need to find out how to put it all down. So M'lady, I haven't forgotten you :) But what I will do is give you my top 20 (stolen from Larry's site, and Ryan's). These are in no particular order with the exception of the number one slot.

Top 20 of 2005

#1 Bob Dylan (and just about anything he has ever written)
2 Marvin Gaye's album What's Going On
3 Tina Turner
4 Loretta Lynn's album Van Lear Rose
5 Jambalya - Hank Williams Sr.
6 The Faint
7 Live's album Mental Jewlery
8 London After Midnight
9 Trance music circa 2000 (Digweed, Oakenfold, Sasha, Chris Lawerence, etc)
10 Johnny Cash (who doesn't love the man in black?)
11 Appasionata - Beetoven
12 The Pet Shop Boys
13 Explosions in the Sky (an amazing Texas postrock band)
14 Untouchable Face - Ani DiFranco
15 Gene (a British band that I hope is still together)
16 I Dare You To Move - Switchfoot
17 The Tea Party (a Canadian band I dig a lot)
18 If You Wanna Sing Out, Sing Out - Cat Stevens
19 Michael Franti and Spearhead (you pick just about anything and I'm crazy for it)
20 Home - Marc Broussard

21 The Dresden Dolls (sorry but I had to slip them in)

Ok, so that's it. I'm an audiophile. I dig anything from Punk to Opera. I love 70's funk and soul, dance my ass off to new wave 80s stuff, and mellow out to people like A Silver Mt Zion, and just go off my nut sometimes to trance artist. So this list might change tomorrow, who knows but for now it's all good :) I've even linked a couple of the artist that are possibly more obscure so you can see what they do. Now go out there and enjoy the weekend and life and music dammit!


Steve said...

I'm like you, 'cuz I dig a lot of different stuff, too. Like last night, I was bopping to Gwen Stefani's 'Crash' and 'Holla Back Girl' in a club, then today while wasting gas, riding up and down the beach, I was listening to 311, Weezer & Gorillaz. (Hold up... Bob Dylan?!? I'm not feeling you on that one. Sorry.)

Ryan said...

some cool songs there! email me your # again please i was a bad boy and lost it!

Michael said...

Not down with Bob? Ooooooh...them is fightin words heheh:) I've been diggin the new Gorillaz myself lately.

Ryan, check yer email later k? Hmph...lost it..sniffle...probably threw it out WAAAAAAA. (oh right, I forgot, no more angst heh)

Miladysa said...

I have a wide taste in music also. A few years ago my older children found a stack of LPs and for a short while I was cool!

Looking forward to the 'pagan' post :)

The Persian said...

I think Gwen Stefani should just disappear. Ehk i hate that bitch.
Go buy yourself a webcam you'll feel better! hehe