Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Oh joy

Well, for those of you that are managers, you'll love this one. I'm still learning about it all sort of although I've been the morning manager for the shop now probably 2 years.

Tuesday...my coworker has read the schedual and is there on time and all goes smoothly until....10:30. See, we have someone come in then to prep our little kitchen (we make sandwiches) and to pretty much give us morning folks a break if possible. Ok, so sometimes folks are a little late. Well...by 11 I am on the phone calling our 10:30 person leaving an angry message and being frustrated. Guess what..turns out that our 10:30 worker was in school. That's right my boss schedualed him to work knowing that R's school schedual was M,T,T,F from 8am -5pm. Once I find this out I call R back to leave an appologetic message at his house, then try him on his cellphone and leave another appologetic message there. WTF?!

I just got back home from driving back to the shop seeing as I am the only person around that knows how to get into the safe to get the change that they needed and by now (10pm) they're closed. What fun, what fun. Work is such a pleasure at time (FEH!). Course this reminds me that I have three deposits to take to the bank tomorrow outside of the fact that I'm hoping the morning drawer holds out on five dollar bills. You'd be amazed how those things fly out the door. Seriously, if I had to say what currency gets eaten up the most it's five dollar bills followed rapidly by quarters. Ah..the joys of being in charge eh?

Still, I can't say that things are bad. My mood has picked up and I seriously think that there was just something horribly wrong yesterday in general and this past weekend. Forgive me if I whine a bit but....romantic movies and the current novel I am reading only seem to make me depressed. Now, I'm not going to not finish my novel, because I know how it turns out (novelization of a movie), but dammit...when you've been single for 98% of your entire life...it gets to ya. I can't even say that I have had a "real" boyfriend because the one "relationship" I thought I had turned out not to be on. (confused? Well if ya want the entire story email me cause it's not for general consumption and maybe I'll tell ya)

I keep meeting these amazing folks here through this silly little site of mine (I'm gonna let it shine), and part of me hopes that the man of my dreams will show up here one day. I kinda doubt it but wierder things have happened in my life. For now though, I'mjust kinda revelling in the fact that I have been able to find some really great friends...even if they do all live on the opposite side of the country as me. (or outside of the country) For those of you who seem to comment here a lot, thanks. For those that don't, thanks anyways because I have my ways of knowing who's poppin up (even if I can't figure out the damn program I'm using like I want to). What's in store for me tomorrow? God only knows but I'm sure it's probably going to be slightly intresting....tune in folks. i think I'm goin for an Emmy this season ;)


Miladysa said...

How frustrating is that boss of yours?!

I hope you meet the prince of your dreams soon!

The Persian said...

Eh I've been single now 2 years and have honestly had it. Let's get together and have coffee or something :)

Michael said...

Ya know Perian, I could bring the coffee lol. Do wish that all my blog friends lived closer. Sigh. Still...if I can ever get a friggin vacation who knows where I'm going.

Miladysa, he is indeed a trying man at time but ya know, he's the best boss I have ever worked for.
by the by...if you know a prince, send him this way.:)