Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oh, THAT airport

It feels so very late right now, but it's only a little before 9 here. Think it has to do with the huge burrito I stuffed down my gullet along with the beans and rice and enchillada. Yup, big dinner for me and I didn't even have to pay for it. My friends just got back from Vancouver.

Now, normally I wouldn't have thought twice about telling S that I'd pick him and his bf up from the airport, but for some reason I was slightly tired after work. Didn't help matters that he was calling just before they boarded the plane to come back. Hm....well ok, he's right, I'm probably one of the few folks that doesn't have to work in the afternoon. So, short notice but I said sure. Came home and piddled about on the computer and then realized I needed to get going. So, off I go to San Jose Airport. I don't see them although he has left me a message that they are at Terminal 3. Now that's going to be important so pay attention.

I wind up circling the airport twice (almost getting killed by a cab that apparently thought it could occupy the same time and space as my car), still no sign of them. I finally get to park in the short term parking (after being cut off by another cab forcing me to circle one more time damn him!). I park. Still no sign of them. Now at SJ Airport there is the newer part and the older part. The older part is Terminal C. This is where I'm wandering around and calling S from. He's not answering his phone. Twice he doesn't answer. Ok, I'm getting a little annoyed. I finally get him on the phone and he asks where I am. I say, "Where are you? I'm by the baggage claim here at Terminal C". He acts surprised. I realize that he didn't tell me I needed to pick them up in ....SAN FRANCISCO! Well, now it being roughly 4pm there was no way for me to come collect them within more than say an hour and a half. Luckily they took the train back and I picked them up from the train station.

Now, is it me or if you're flying somewhere don't ya tell the person that is picking you up what airport you're flying into? Sure, he said Terminal 3 and I guess I should have known, but still....3...C...go fig huh? At least they appreciated me picking up their mail and took me to dinner...which is where this sleepiness started.

Would I trade him for all the times things like this happen? Not on your life. The man can irritate me to high heaven, but he's my friend ya know? I love him tons and it's worth all the wierd problems we seem to have between us comunicating at times. And ya know what? It's really nice to just be able to hang out with him. Yup...friends can drive you nuts, but believe you me, it's always worth it.

Seems like whatever evil bad ju-ju was going down for me is lifting and things are looking brighter here and there. Maybe it's my boss being back and some pressure taken off me. Do know that the more time I am NOT at the shop, the better things seem. Who knows, maybe it's time to jump off and find another job? Probably not, but it's appealing at the moment. Still, life is pretty damn good right now and I can't wait to see what tomorrow is going to be bringing me. Could just down right suck, but I have my own reasons to smile right now so the stuff that wants to bring me down can just go shove off. I'm a pretty happy camper and I intend to stay that way for as long as I can.


Miladysa said...

Glad you are a happier bunny :)

Daisy said...

Yes, definitely let us know which airport you are flying into.
If Spencer had not have picked me up at the Tampa airport...well, I would have found a bar and some friends till he showed up. hehe..but since he had made my reservations for me, we wer ok *grin*
I am a dork..does this comment make any sense? lolllI am still waiting till you decide to go to FL and we all go out---- lampshades on the head all around. Teasing, I am teasing.
Have a great weekend if I dont talk to you before then.

Steve said...

Initially, I would've been pissed, too, but crap like this does happen. Today, for instance, I was supposed to be at the school for orientation for new students. It took about an hour and 15 minutes in rush hour traffic, and when I got there, there was a note on the door saying they closed at 2 because of this f**ked up storm, which, by the way, IS NOWHERE NEAR HERE! Nobody bothered to call. Another hour, and I'm back at home, and I'm still pissed, but nowhere near as pissed as I was. But, I was highly torqued. Glad you're doing and feeling well. ;-)

Dionysus said...

Dang boy that sounds like my kind of dinner"hehe" Michael what a great post and you sound like you would be a terrific friend to have in ones life, your friend is very lucky=D

ScandinavienNova said...

Friends are the best. They are rare, but the true once is there by our side no matter what. And a truly good friend is someone that you can get mad at but you still are friends :)

"Love come and goes, some stay long, some stay short..But friends are for life" :)

And..Thank you for remembering me ;-)

Take care and have a great day!