Monday, October 24, 2005

It's only Monday?

So much to say it seems. I just saw something on yahoo's news saying that Rosa Parks has died. A brave little woman that once said, "I'm not moving" because she was tired and because she deserved to sit at the front of the bus. God bless her. I can't imagine what must that must have been like for her. I hope that none of us ever has to. Most Blessed Be Rosa, wherever you are.

So there is no real word on this mystery man out here. I was lame and came home and took a nap rather than calling him (yes I got his number WOO!). We did chat a little tonight. I'm hoping to meet him soon though because the more we chat, the interesting he sound. Doesn't hurt that he's a cuty as well (my humble opinion mind ya). Maybe sometime this week i can find the courage to just call him because, ya know, sometimes it's hard to do that for me. Scared of not being able to think of a single thing to say, not sure what to say, not sure what he'll make of me blah blah blah. Yes, I know I need to get over it. Don't for a second think I am NOT going to call him. Just...maybe a little more time to figure out what to do with all of this. Kinda new to me because I haven't had the best of luck with "dating" folks.

Can't believe that it's already Halloween. This coming Monday (sigh). I remember being a kid in Texas and ya know, I was out for hours running around with friends trick-or-treating. We went all over our neighborhood and sometimes kinda far beyond it. Pillow cases in hand, costumes and flashlights. TONS of candy that my parents would sort through at the end of the night. Candy that they didn't know we had eaten on the way home. I miss that. It seems like a by-gone era now. I think it's time I get my pumpkin so I can carve him up proper before Sunday night. (and hope that if I buy candy this year some kids will come by the studio)

Please keep good thoughts out for my lovely M'lady tomorrow (Tuesday). She is an absolutely wonderful woman. So send her all your good vibes that you can ok? For me? :)

Ya know that 7 list from yesterday? I forgot to add some stuff that I feel proud of. In the "things I can do" list I forgot to say that:
I can build and paint a stage set. I did it for 10 years and ya know...I was good if I do say so myself. (patting myself on the back)
Didn't mention that i can still produce pretty decent makeup FX as well.

Ah....I'm fiending for the theatre life again kinda. Working for a living is dull, but does keep me fed is the problem.

And hey....a shout out here for a new friend all the way in Sweden. Go over and check out ScandinavianNova. I haven't had a chance to read all of her blog yet but what a great lady nonetheless!

Welcome back Ari, I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your time abroad! I look forward to hearing more from you.
Persian Guy, don't worry too much bout the puter. I'm sure it will all work out in the end (and take more pictures of the condo when you can!)
Steve O.....WHERE oh WHERE is the update on the date?!?!? Ya got me on pins and needles here dammit!


. said...

We still do the whole Trick or treating thing here and ahve tons of candy to give yout. In one particular area of town they give out over 3oo treats per household! I guess we midwesterners hate to let a good thing die.

Michael said...

Scotty you're lucky! Out here it's "halloween parties" so the parents can feel safe about their kids :(

Steve said...

I know, I know. It's coming soon, but it's really not all that juicy. HAHAHAHA! I said juicy.

The Persian said...

Well it shows up now (under UPS Tracking) in Shrewsbury, MA. so there is hope. I'll belive it when my grubby hands are on that damn box!! :) Good luck with the cute guy, i'm sooo jealous. Does he have a brother?

ScandinavienNova said...

GoodMorning Michael

When I read many things that you has written I I say to myself "Hey, that could be me writing it".. It is some kind of comfort in knowing that I am not the only one that feel insecured or what ever it can be. And for some reson I belive that far more are as insecured in diffrent areas only that don't say it out loud. But I think you should call him, because if you have a spark you will have so much to say to him. And he to you. So lock up that nervous feeling in the closet and CALL HIM!!

I will keep my fingers crossed for you :)

About the halloween, that is a thing that we just recently has picked up here in sweden. We have this "Big brother complex" in Sweden, everything that has a USA-labe we need to have.

But I don't like it at all. And the reson is that we seems to forget here why we from the begining is haveing a holliday like Halloween (Alla Helgons Dag=The holy saints day) These day's is more about dressing up like ghost then remembering the one that we have lost.

Maybe it is just me being a traditonal boring and conservative Scandinavian, but this day is holy to me, but the kids don't agree ;-)

Bye Bye for now!

Spencer said...

Sorry for not keeping up with your blog I needed a break as soon as I get my blog changed I will be back. Raising hell cussing people out making people mad.

You know there should be a law that says you shouldn't put your photo in your profile I look at some of the comments left here and damn some of these people scare me. Bitches look in a mirror k?

Oh Michael not you I want to hump you on the Golden Gate!

Dionysus said...

I really do hope it works out great for you Michael! you deserve it my friend. I need a good FX effect make over for Halloween =D

Ryan said...

it will work we have talk and i know your a great guy so let it flow. oh its wednesday time 4 a new post.

Mike said...

We still do the Halloween thing here in WV gets tons of kids coming to the house.