Friday, October 07, 2005

It's Friday, I'm in love

Friday Friday I love ya Friday. Finally, a little bit of time to decompress from this whole work thing and to just relax and hopefully enjoy myself.

I didn't write yesterday because of yesterday at work. I have no clue what was wrong with me. I was depressed for no reason, didn't want to talk to my coworker B who tried to get me cahtting, and for some reason the wierdest part is this....I felt like crying. I don't cry. Ok, I have been known to tear up at things (movies, plays, music sometimes), but the last time I cried I was so incredibly broken that I couldn't help but cry. So, I was a bit concerned when yesterday at the register I felt that thickness in my throat, then it went away. When I was washing dishes, same thing. By the time I had finished everything I had to do at work, I bolted out of there. Besides, there are few people on the face of this planet I feel comfortable enough with to cry infront of. I think out here in Cali, only 3 of my friends in the almost 20 years I've been here have seen it happen. blogging for me yesterday. I came, read my dailies and made a few comments, checked email and proceeded to lay down to watch Starship Troopers. I know I fell asleep somewhere in there but I didn't give a rat's ass. When I woke up, I was completely groggy but headed back to work to get stuff ready for today. For some reason though, I felt better. Then I made the mistake of having coffee and I felt like I was jumping back and forth between being really hyper, and ultra-tired. So..instead of writing I played Prince of Persia and made a mix Cd for work today.

Today though...everything seems fine. Better than fine were the two hot guys that came in today. One of them is someone I've seen off and on in the shop. He actually loaned me a cd because we were discussing a track that was playing. Funny....he happened to have the album with him and when I said it was the only track I had off of it, he just flat out handed me the cd after asking if I wanted to copy it.....and now I can't for the life of me remember his name. He's a hot little Asian cat. Yes, I think he's adorable. I swear I think he said his name was Neuton (I am so not kidding about that). Then there was the guy that was obviously straight but.....sigh....pretty. And Ben came in today. I think I through him for a loop. Somehow it came out that I had been/am an actor. He got this big smile and asked what roles I'd done. My coworker Ross said "His most famous was playing Scroooge.", to which Ben smiled even broader, made some comment and left. Now why the hell does Ben have to have a boyfriend? Oish.

Ya know, what bothers me about these mood swings is that I know it means something is going on. What bothers me the most is not knowing what it was/is/might be. All I can do is chalk it up to the fact that I feel slightly stressed at work lately, I don't really eat right most of the time, and I could use more sleep given the chance.

Having so said, I need to make up my mind about tonight. Goth club in Santa Cruz but it doesn't start until 9:30 and the drive is kinda a bear. Still, maybe I'll go. I don't know. If I don't, either I'm hittin my gamecube hard tonight or I'm going to call up Dan and Hawley and see if they want to go see The Corpse Bride. First though, I think I'm gonna nap. Then, I have some accounting stuff to do at the shop but after that? It's definately ME time!

Again, thanks for the comments everyone. The words of encouragement and well..affection make this "lonely" boy feel loved. :)

P.S. If you think Asian guys can't be hot? Check out these cats:
Jason Scott Lee
Bruce Lee (no relation to Jason although Jason played Bruce in the film Dragon)


Daisy said...

You have a great time no matter what you decide to do :)
And Nueton---put your best smile on and work it :)

See ya soon- and enjoy that nap :)

Steve said...

#1: The title of this post, is the title of a most awesome song by The Cure.

#2: Even though things go my way (most of the time), some days are total crap. Life is supposed to be like that. Not everyday is supposed to be a day at the beach... at least when I have a crap day, that's what I tell myself.

And, #3: I have a thing for Asian guys, and it must run in my family, because my sister's husband is Chinese. My friend from Thailand says that makes me a rice queen.

Have an outstanding weekend, Michael.

Miladysa said...

Enjoy your weekend Michael :)

Steve is a laugh isn't he? Rice Queen! Love it :)

There is a really gorgeous Chinese actor but I just cannot remember his name at the moment - something like Chang Yo Fat!! I am uselss!

Michael said...

Chou Yun Fat! Indeed! He was in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as well as a sloo of John Woo films (I love Hong Kong action movies!)

Well Steve I'm glad someone picked up on the nod to Mr. Smith & co ;) Rice Queen ought to move out here! lol!

And Miss better know I'm gonna work it for what I can. :D