Sunday, October 02, 2005


I have made the horrible mistake of reading a love story. I wasn't joking about swearing off romantic things (unless it invovled hearing them from my friends). Romance and I have a definate love/hate relationship at times. Most of the time, I am on the outs with it. It doesn't seem to find me anything more than a toy to play with. It puts me in a rather miserable place somewhere in a melancholic listlessness. Feh upon it I say! Feh. I'll snap out of it soon enough I'm sure.

The weekend is not officially over and I am heading back to work tomorrow knowing full well that...I will be making overtime this pay period. I almost forgot tonight to do the deposit, but luckily I had to go and make my list for Costco tomorrow.

Funny thing money is. Little pieces of paper. Have you ever really though about it? All that is truly is ... is paper. There's nothing magical about it. There is no real value in it. It's just dyed paper that SAYS it's worth something...and we treat it that way. Just struck me as odd as I was counting and bundling the bills for the deposit. Every now and then this just hits me and, while I may appear insane because of it, I just want to shout at everyone "It's nothing more than friggin little pieces of cut and dyed paper you fools!" If I ever do, I would appreciate several large boxes of crayons for my stay in Bedlam.

Having so said that money is basically worthless, I wish I had ton right now. I wish I had enough money to simply travel around for at least 6 months. But, I will be going somewhere soon enough. In looking into a mini-vacation for myself. I found out that it really won't cost much to get a hotel and flight bundle depending on where I go. Less if someone else pays for it! (boy I crack me up)

I spent the weekend friviously and now I'm staring into the lion's mouth of another week working. Perhaps I shouldn't have gotten up this morning ;)

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Ethan said... I know that feeling!!