Monday, June 13, 2005


What an interesting afternoon. Something completely unexpected when I went back to the shop to do my order lists. I ran into my friend Yanni who just got back from Israel. Of course I had to see the pictures he had on his computer and well, I want to go so badly now. He spent 3 or more days in the desert looking at amazing sites. My god the sheer scope of what he was showing; giant cliffs of sandstone, Temples carved out of the sandstone that are just beyond belief in their size. I so want to go and be there just to be in awe of it.

He also brought something to my mind that I on the odd occaission think about. He said, "You know, when I was there I felt so free. I felt like I could finally think what I wanted." So what is it about the current state of our nation that is so oppressive? Are we heading back into the June and Ward Cleaver 50's? Why is it so hard to "be yourself" and not feel like your getting slapped down for that? Isn't there some way to fix this so everyone can feel free finally? It's not just a color issue either, or a gender issue, or even a sexuality issue. It's about people themselves. What a nation of sheep we're becoming. Tv ruling what we believe and newspapers exploiting the fact that they are supposed to report the enitre story...but they don't. We're being told what we are supposed to believe. How do you find the truth then? Something for me to really ponder. Still, I love this country. When you look at the big picture, it has such potential. We, and I mean all of us, it seems just need to work a little harder not on the government (which is supposed to be by the people, for the people) but on our social sense. Just my random thought. Nice dream. In a very odd way, it makes me think of Martin Luther's speech, the "I have a dream" speech.

Outside of political thinking, the day was rather nice. I got to work with Nat and I haven't actually had the chance to work with her for a while. It's nice to have a different face when you work the Mon-Friday opening shift. For a while it was just me and two others that rotated for the morning shifts. Helps that she's a good worker, had a great attitude, and has a wonderful personality. Got me in a good mood today.

After returning the rental car, who's sterio I miss already, I came home and logged on and saw that the Jackson verdict was going to be coming down momentarily. Well. Ya think I could tear myself away from that? Hell no! Aquitted on all 10 counts. Good for him. I mean that too. Did he do it? Was this another "OJ" case? Ya know, now I don't care. The man may be odd to most of us, but give him some peace finally. It's not like things are going well for him anyways. Appears he has health issues (something about back problems), and I'm sorry to say that I think his star is really waning. Let him go out with some respect if he chooses to retire completely. Good for you Michael Jackson. Hope they leave you alone now.

And that kinda puts us here, back where it started. Well almost. My pizza should arrive sometime in the next 45 and I'm starving. Oddly enough, I feel rather content. I got to speak with Dan about his play, I saw amazing pictures of Yanni's trip, going to watch a movie during dinner and then play some more X-Men, how could life not be goodly?

I may have to write more later because my brain is humming with things but I needed to get this down first. Needed to be reminded that we could all be more free, things could be better, but we all have to get down and dirty and work for it. Maybe it's all just sinkin' in now after all these years on this little blue planet. Well, at least for me it seems to be.


Larry said...

There are times when I truly hate America. But that emotion comes from fear. America is not the real enemy, it's simply a nice big box that encompasses the many different things that I am afraid of. I only hope it isn't too late to overcome those fears in my lifetime.

The Spikester said...

Awesome, thought provoking post. People need to stop and reflect about things sometimes, as it's a part of evolution.