Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Night of the gothing

So I've made a decision to go out tonight. Normally I wouldn't because I have to get up at an ungodly hour to get to work but I figured, this time I'm gonna do it. A friend from is going to be spinning at a local club, and best of all, it's goth. I've never made it to any goth club before so I'm rather nervous. I'm not sure if people are gonna be friendly or not. I've heard that most goth clubs are kinda cliquey. Since it's local (and held at a club that's actually a Gay/Lesbian bar), I'm hoping that isn't the case. Hell, maybe I'll even meet some people. That would be a first.

I can't really think of anything interesting that happened today. We got a new Fetco at the shop and I wanted to open it but it needs to be installed by a pro unforunately. Fetco is the brand name but it's the brewer for our large urns of coffee. If my boss bought the one that we think he did, I should be able to cut down my prep time a little in the morning. That is actually exciting. Takes me around 30-45 minutes to get everything brewed up and the pastries set up and the milk steamed and ready for customers. Normally that leaves me enough time to go out and drink a cup of coffee while I stare at the sky and just enjoy the peace and quiet of a time when there is no traffic, no people, and I can wake up a little easier. We'll see when it gets installed though because my boss thought it was coming next week, not today.

I'm going to have start stealing things from my friend's blog sites. Larry has these great lists of question he sometimes posts but I have no idea where he gets them from. (subtle hint if he's reading to let me know where he gets them) It's really hard for me to "open up" because I never know what to say about myself really. Guess that's also a problem on the offline world for me. I feel dumb talking about myself and when I do, I feel like I'm bragging sometimes. Some of the odd things that I have done in my past were, to me, just work. The best example is that I did actually work for a few days on a feature film. I even have my name roll in final credits. I don't have a speaking roll and if you blink, you'd miss me basically so I don't really talk about it. To me, it was just something I did as an actor, to other folks though it seems really exciting. Is that wierd?

So my buddy that's spinning tonight I still have not met in person. Scared of that too. I mean, you never know right? What if he thinks I'm lame, or I think he's a jerk, or worse....what if I think he's really cute and it's not reciprocated? Of course it's not a date because he's going to be working as the DJ but still, I hope that things go well. Scary parts of life huh?

I would be excited thinking that this was Wenesday and that I'd be having a weekend in a couple of days but I have to work on Saturday. Guess what Saturday is up in San got it, Gay Pride Parade. Well, this marks yet another year I haven't been able to get up there. I moved out here from Texas in around 1987 and I still have yet to make it to any of the "pride" parades (even though there's one closer in San Jose) or any of the events for it. Hell, I'll probably just come home, call my friend James and Dan and see which of them wants to go see the new George Romero Land of the Dead. Ya gotta love zombies and this is the final film in the Night of the Living Dead series according to Romero. Can't believe this all started in around 1968 and here we are almost 40 years later finalizing the whole story. Wack huh?

Soon I hope to have a small web page with pictures from the photo shoot I did for a friend's band. We're supposed to be making a video for one of their songs but that's kinda up in the air as to when. Should be fun though. The premise is that the band is found in the desert and taken to the castle of Dr. Shadow (yeah guess who I play) who is trying to take over the minds of the world through radio waves. The only proble is that he needs a live band to power his atomic radio transmitter. The name of my friend's band? Atomic Mint. (check out their website at think that's it) We'll see though.

Oish, I need to eat and have a shower and all that kinda rot before I start to try and see if my contact lenses are going to work tonight. Sometimes with old lenses my eyes get really tired fast. I do want to get kinda gothed up tonight and I can't see me doing that wearing my glasses. We shall see I suppose. And yes, there will be a full report tomorrow. Saddests part is that I may want to hang out there longer than I should but this little camper has to try and be in bed by 10:30, or 11 at the latest or I'm really toast the next day. Feh to work. Feh on work! One of these days I'll find that I actually have a life.

One last little fact to divulge, it is not a month away from my birthday. Woo. *twirling finger in the air slowly while looking bored* Hopefully this year is better than last.

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