Friday, September 09, 2005

"All the freaky people make the beauty of the world" - Michael Franti

Well well well my darlins. Here I was thinking that I was going to be having a boring weekend of possibly laundry, maybe pruning out in the garden, or just being a lazy ass and doing nothing all day. Plans seem to have changed.

Tomorrow in SF there is a free festival called Power To The Peaceful put on by Michael Franti. If ya don't know him, well babies, RUN to a record store and by Stay Human. The man is amazing. Just look at the PTTP link cause there's a link about him on their site as well. Now, I know that almost all of you aren't here in Cali, but I do urge ya to take a look. I'm really excited because my phone actually rang (ok, I tend to screen my home phone's calls but it was someone I wanted to talk to) and it was Dan. He wanted to know if I wanted to go with him and Hawley to the PTTP tomorrow. I was iffy because, well I could use some extra sleep and...I was then informed by Halwey via Dan that I was going. So, tomorrow is Dim Sum for brunch and 11-5 festival with music, skaterboarder (oh yum!), Djs (maybe I'll actually dance) and tons more. And here I was complaining early about my life. FEH!

So, of course, who came in the shop today? Altboy. Sigh. Now my friend J has decided that he is going to try and find out if Altboy is gay. Nice of him to do, but I don't really know J that well so it's sort of surprising and my guard went up a bit. J is a really nice guy though, so I don't know why I am/was worried. Hell, the first time I met J he came in and I thought he was cute. I asked him about a jacket he was wearing and he informed me it was his boyfriend's. Well, that's one way to have the internal question answered. So, at least I know he's not going to be trying to make time with my Altboy. Hm...I wouldn't mind makin some time with him...ack, where was I?

I'm still going to go under the assumption that Altboy is straight for now. Just makes my life easier and, well, if he does turn out to be gay...I'll probably freak cause then I won't know how to approach him. Yeah, I was the wallflower at school. I was the guy that when you are set up on a blind date your friends tell you that I have "a great personality". In short, I'm skittish and shy and fumble for words when I'm around folks I'm interested in. Anyways, I don't know why I thought he might be gay (although the way he talks is steriotypical but that's just stupidity on my part). I tend to assume everyone I meet is straight until proven otherwise. Ah well...

Have a great weekend folks. I'll fill ya in on all the festivities (and maybe pictures) from PTTP tomorrow night!


Jesse said...

Are you like me and have no gaydar? My gaydar is totally horrible. I would probably assume altboy is straight too, but you never know. You are a great guy and I hope that he turns out to be gay and you can have 2.5 babies, live in a house with a white picket fence together, and live happily ever after! :) Thank you so much for commenting on my meant a lot, buddy. I'm going through a lot right now and it's good to know that in times of need, awesome guys like you are out there to keep me smiling! :)


Michael said...

Yer gonna make me blush man. Listen, if you like, drop me an email. And ya better keep smiling cuase yer friggin cute! ;)