Monday, September 19, 2005

The Monday...

I happened to see this on Ryan's site and decided that they were indeed interesting questions. So, why not. There wasn't anything exciting to blog about today. It was Monday..ack..and I had to work..double ack...after being up a little too late from going to see Merry Wives Of Windsor last night. Hey, my friends were in the show and they were great and we all had a good time so..?

Now, of course I'm a little broker than I should be because I decided to go and see if I could get some used Erasure cds only to find that one of my fav used cd shops was closing! Blasphomy! So I gave them around $50 worth of my cash. Then realizing I didn't have the Erasure (or depeche mode) I wanted, off to Tower to spend a little more dosh only to find THEY don't have the albums I want so I'm back to Itunes. Jesus I haven't even considered that I might find them on some free site downloading? yeah I can hear the FBI knockin on my door if ya know what I mean and no thank you to that!

1. What State was you born in? Texas ('s NOT Bush country dammit!)
2. Where was your Parents born? Mom - I think in Austin, Texas Dad - Lockhart, Texas
3. Any Brothers or Sisters? 2 Brothers that have now made me an Uncle 3 times.
4. Grandparents still alive? No. Afraid that all my older kin aren't with me anymore.
5. You play any sports? Well, sometimes I have been known to play tennis. I like bowling. Used to shoot darts on the odd occaission but I'm not particularly good at any of them really.
6. Closer to your Mom or Dad? Neither...rather...I don't feel close to either (father is dead actually)
7. Have any pets? I wish. I want a cat once I move into a place that's a little larger.
8. Plan on getting or are you married? Me? Married? Yeah that'll be the day. Not saying that I don't want to but I can't get a date to save my life if I was the last living homo in the world!
9. Favorite Actor? Hard favorite is still River Phoenix even if he is dead. Living actor? Probably Johnny Depp for his range of movies and characters.
10. Favorite talk show host? Ellen all the way. Matter of fact, she's the only one that I would sit down to watch in the afternoon.

Well, at least tomorrow is Tuesday. I can't say it was a horrid Monday but...I need a new coworker methings. Rather, I need to find a way to politely tell this person that they need to work harder, and faster. I tend to think of my coworkers as the two of us working as a team. We can swap off from working the bar to running the reg, AND still both of us try to keep up with whether or not we're out of sugar, milk, coffee, get the picture. I like working like that. I don't particularly like working like I'm supposed to do everything but run the reg. Ah..enough bitching cause it does no good.

While lately I feel like my life is really dull and boring, if things go right for me soon and I get some cash paid back to me, I think it's really going to be time for a road trip. If not that, then I'm flying the hell out of California and I'm not sure where my destination will be. Any suggestions? (within the US cause I'm not gonna be a rich man by any means)


Ariel1980 said...

Your mention of roadtrips leads me to recall one of my own, a decision to drive to Manhattan from Florida when I was 16 and newly licensed. What I recall about the trip is in fact how little I recall. I think we were high the entire way! (Am I proud of this? No. Was it good ganja? Definately. Ah, the memories of youth.)

Steve said...

Come to Florida and I'll show you around! BTW: It's not illegal to download songs off the internet... it's illegal to share. Meaning, if you have songs on your computer and use something like Kazaa or Limewire and leave the connection open for others to come and get them, then that's what'll get you in trouble. I use Limewire - - and think it rocks.

Spencer said...

Nothing wrong with the above post we are get that way from time to time. I agree with Steve come on down to Florida we can show you around I am taken at the moment but Steve is free!

Mike said...

I loved River Phoenix in Stand By Me.

Michael said...

Ari I'm shocked! (and why wasn't I invited reguardless of whether we know each other or not) ;) better know I was already thinking about coming that way anyways. (and I'm ashame to admit I want to see Disneyworld heh)

Spencer if I do get down there I'm definately hoping to meet both of maybe all three of you but I haven't read your boyfriend's blog if he has one.

Ryan...:) If ya ever wanna see a grown man cry, get me to watch Dogfight or My Own Private Idaho, or Stand by Me