Wednesday, September 14, 2005

God I think I'm back

Ya ever had that right place at the right time thing happen? You know, someone is where you wind up going and they say something that makes all the bad stuff in your life seemingly vanish for no apparent reason? Well....that was apparently what happened to me tonight.

I tend to spend way too much time at the coffee shop I work for. I go down there at night to do orders for the next day because I hate feeling pressured and rushed. Just easier to get these things done the night before. And there was my friend N. Now I don't get to see her very often because of her work schedual and the fact that the company she works for moved so...only occaissionally do I get to see her now. Well her beaming smiling face started the cracks in my moody bitchy exterior. And she started talking bout the Mraz concert...a little more cracked off. When I said I wasn't sure if I was going to go...well she pulled this "doe eyed/bambi-esque" face and I just lost it then and there. She said something akin to, "but you have to go! If you don't who am I going to say 'Oh my god did you see?!' to?" God love that woman.

So I appologise to all the people out there reading this that I can be such a moody little bitch. I think that all this rigmarow with Altboy got to me more than I thought it did. Kinda puts yer soul in bad places when you feel you got nothing going for ya (i.e. the person you're currently enamored of is either straight or not interested). Least I think that was what it was. Still don't know, but I'm feeling more like my "old self" tonight. Ya know it is amazing that when just one person basically says to you "I really like ya. We have to go and do something", sometimes that's all a person really needs to hear. Just validation that you are exceptional to someone else.

Well, on that note, I got some pretty exceptional friends out who wants to go out and do something? :)


Anonymous said...

Some (at least a certain blonde called Phoebe) might call what you're feeling a "frienessaince."

Enjoy it.

Spencer said...

I love it when your a moddy little bitch! Makes good reading and gives me bad ideas on some crazy sex! OMG!

angreeblkcub said...

Moody M! damn, I leave for a few days and come back to catch up with your volumes of writin!!! prolific much?? lol
Fire up the car and bring your azz down this way. you *know* I'm all for going out and tearin up the town.. :P

Steve said...

Glad to hear you're doing better... now, I've got to start working on getting myself outta my funk!

Ryan said...

would a ryan hug help u?

Michael said...

Holy Shit Spencer....hehe. Crazy sex?! Dude, at least let me in on them ideas. I could use some :)

My little know I'd be so in Houston this weekend if I could! just get out there and go baby go! :)

Bloody Ray, ya crack me..what you doing makin me smile like that hehe?

And know I love em and you.

You guys are the best!