Monday, September 05, 2005

The good times are over (stolen from Homestar Runner)

Well, not really mind ya, it's just that my extended weekend is over. Damnation and hellfire to it as well! I so wish that I had one more day, or two, or five. (boy I crack me up)

I've ultimately wasted my day completely. It's almost 5pm and I only got up at 2 this afternoon. This is so not good. I'm a little worried about sleeping tonight because, well I need to be at 5 tomorrow morning and with not having a full see the delima. So what was this crazed boy doing up til 6am this morning? Two words, theater friends.

When I worked at the theater and did shows, we didn't get out of the show until around 10:30 and from then we (members of the cast) would usually go out for a quick bite to eat. I had forgotten about that somewhat and didn't really think when James and I decided to go have some food with friends after the production of Merry Wives last night. "Well," I said to myself, "I don't have to be up for anything tomorrow so ok." We go out and hang at Fridays talking and laughing until around 2am. I'm starting to think that it's getting late.

I have to drive James home and we find ourselves at our friend Chryssa's because I had to take her home to. We start talking again. Ack! Don't get me wrong, I was enjoying it because I never really get to hang with these folks and never seem to talk about what we were discussing (pagan stuff really and it got complex so I won't go into it). Next thing I know it's pushing 4am. I decided to take James home. Next thing I know I'm leaving Jame's and it's now almost 6am. I tell ya....I'm kinda a wreck now. Funny how "going out" turned into "maybe I'll be asleep before the friggin sun is up". Do I regret it? HELL NO!

Now, after getting up and going to the shop and making sure my orders are ready for tomorrow, I just don't want to go in. I don't want to work tomorrow, or ever perhaps but that's really stupid. I do know that a vacation is in order. Whenever I feel like this it just means I've been working continuously for too long. Good news? It's a short week. Bad news? It's a work week (whooo boy that's a knee slapper).

Hoping to catch up with m'friends once they are back from their weekend. I know two people that obviously had a good time (grin), and I hope that everyone else did too.

Back to the grind with me....the salt mines away....still, there is the chance that altboy will show up tomorrow and that would be MOST groovin.

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