Thursday, September 08, 2005

Good lord I'm an idiot

Damn me. Although that seems redundant at the moment. No...damn him! No...damn me for being stupid. grrrrrrr.

Why am I so stupid when it comes to love and crushes? Why am I so damn pathetic? I swear if I could just sit down opposite myself for a while and talk to me (yes this sounds rather psychotic but the fact is I have often thought about facing myself) for a while maybe...just maybe I could actually convince whatever part of my brain misfires to stop getting crushes.

It's not Altboy's fault. I get these stupid crushes where I go into fantasy realm and I get so damn mad at myself when I do it. I see a pretty smile and they're nice to me, and I start wondering and the fantasy begins and I just need to learn that it's not real. I need to get my brain rebooted maybe. Hell, maybe I have some wierd trojan in there, who knows.

Feh. I'll fill everyone in later. Just rather agro about it right now. I think it's time for some quality me and the Karate film time.


Adam said...

I totally understand the whole crush thing - I am exactly the same way. You get something in your head that is so unlikely to happen, and then you are depressed because it doesn't. Well, at least that is the way I am feeling right now.

Altboy with be back eventually, after all it is a coffee shop (ain't it). I personally find that it is better to not expect to see your crush anywhere, because if you don't then you're sad; however, if you see him when you totally don't expect to, it totally makes your day.

Adam said...

Thanks Michael!! Your comment means a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

You're very smart and very stupid. Try grunting. It's the universal language, don't you know that?

Better idea: fuck grunting, fuck trying to communicate...

Your passport is expired: you are not allowed to leave the country.

You are one of the reasons there is hate in the world.