Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Our story now continues

When last we left our intrepid hero, he was pining away for the love of an Altboy. Would our lovelorn and greekly physiqued physiqued hero find the love he was after???

Oh hell fire and damnation. All morning I was saying to myself, "come on...come on...just come in today". Well it backfired. No Altboy this morning. I think I have my answer on what was on my mind now. I am doubting greatly that he's gay. Or, if he is...he's not interested...or of course he is both and just didn't come in. WTF?! How can I get three different options as answers in my head? It's like having a friggin magic 8 ball rolling around in here. we'll see what happened when, and if, he shows up tomorrow. Fact is, he doesn't come in every day so...???

So how did all of this backfire on me? Well, Ben did show up today. Now for those following at home...Ben is cute...Ben is not straight...Ben seems somewhat flirtatious at times...Ben has a boyfriend. DOH! Still, I keep thinking of ways to ask him to go out for lunch, or just to get him to hang out sometime because I would like to get to know him better. I'm not the kinda horrid individual that goes around trying to break people up so I can have them. I just crumble a little inside when I do find out that they are still...unatainable. The one good scene from today's episode?

Ben: Well, I wish you had that ginger syrup. I had some ginger in my OJ once and really liked it.

Me: Well we have fresh ginger.

Ben: You do?

Me: We use it in our chai.

Ben: Well, when I've had ginger at sushi it's always tasted like soap.

Cut to me cutting up a part of a hand of ginger and explaing why the call it a hand and offering him a taste of a small sliver. His reaction was priceless. I popped one in my mouth at the same time and bit down and the lovely hot and spicy flavour invaded all of my sinus cavities and my tongue. Then again, I knew what to expect. I don't think he did. His reaction was that it was "intense". Still, he took the slivers I cut up and popped them in his Oj and away he went.

To quote the movie Face-Off : "I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you walk away."

Tune in tomorrow to see if our hero will see the Altboy of his dreams and make a fool out of himself trying to ask to photograph the tattoo on Altboy's belly! See our hero turn inwardly into a pile of goo if Altboy smiles at him. Watch our intrepid hero's brain explode if he can finally ask for a number or if Altboy would like to hang out. Oh the drama....oh the humanity!


Spencer said...

Love the quote!

Michael said...

Well I never really get to use it, but I'd like to heh.