Saturday, September 03, 2005!

Finally a friggin update from someone in my family. I should be more excited but the news was rather....minimal. My brother in Texas says that my brother in New Orleans flew over his house and it was still standing.

Ok, I'm not going to go off here about how crappy I feel my own family has treated me. I've been poking around on the internet to see what news I could gleen about New Orleans and watching the Tv news, etc. I get so frustrated. I want to be there. I want to be down there with whatever food I can take them. I wanna bring in big truckloads of weber propane cookers and pots and make as much red beans and rice as possible. I know that comfort food could possibly do a lot right now for folks. Problem is, I have no way to do this. It depresses me slightly because I really feel like I should be doing something. So I came up with an idea with the help of my friend Monica tonight.

I was thinking this afternoon that I needed to do laundry cause I'm almost out of socks. It was from this (in conversation with Monica) that the idea was hatched to set up a barrel in the coffee shop I work at for clothing. We know that they're hungry out there, and need water, but Monica's point was "If they lost everything, they probably need some clothes ya know?" Well out of the mouth of a babe (cuase she is a cuty). So I'm gonna see if my boss will let me do a clothing drive and see how to get that to Red Cross and out there to these folks that probably could do with some clean socks ya know? (ok I'm a little obsessed with clean socks) So, if you can't afford to send money to the Red Cross (or charity of your choice), I urge ya to try and send do a food drive....or a clothing drive for New Orleans. I know that I have more clothes than I need and if a randome t-shirt, or pair of socks, or pair of pants can make one person feel a little more normal and humanlike...well to hell with my wardrobe ya know?

Apparently my brother and sis-in-law are safe. Good news. Them two sweet guys from Atlanta and West Virginia are out having what they both need...each other for a weekend. Can't tell you why it makes me happy, but it does. Probably cause I think of them as my friends, as I think of a lot of you. What makes my friends happy makes me happy.

At the risk of being extremely sentimental love to you all. Your comments definately helped ease my worries a little. So, thank you again. Big hugs to you all and have a great extended weekend. Be safe and have fun!


Adam said...

Glad to hear that your family is alright. Good luck with your clothing drive - what a marvelous idea!

Michael said...

Well I thought it was a good idea too until I talked with my boss and he said that Red Cross is asking folks not to send food or clothing.

Guess I'll wait until they aren't flooded then do it?