Saturday, August 20, 2005

I'm having a's gone

Well I actually had something interesting here. I had taken one of those silly online quizzes and thought that part of it was rather acurate...but in trying to get the HTML to work properly (and no I'm still a neandrathal who doesn't know how to code HTML), something odd happened and the answers to the quiz changed and now it's not acurate at all. we are almost 1am on a Friday night when I should be out having a blast doing something crazy and fun. I do have Lime Diet Coke sitting here! Woo Hoo....yeah. Well at least it's the weekend. Sleep is something I don't think I necessarily get enough of lately.

I had something to actually talk about today, but it's been a long one. The one good thing that came from all the b.s. this week is that I am not the proud and happy owner of a two disc set of Season 1 & 2 of Danger Mouse. For those of ya that don't know who he is, try here. Now I have to make up my mind about driving down to Santa Cruz, working in my garden, watching OZ season 4, playing video games, or laughing my ass off at Danger Mouse. I'm thinking I could use the laughter :)

Shout outs to Ryan somewhere in the US and thanks for dropping by, Mike out there in West Virginia for hangin tough(hope ya know I'm pullin for ya bud. If ya need help, just holler.), Ger baby for being a sexy "texan", and Larry for being a luscious lemming. Peace everyone.

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