Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The rambling days of the past

Well...a lot has happened this past week and it's only Wenesday! I guess it started with Monday and my friend Naomi's one day appearance in town. I haven't seen her in 10 years and I was rather nervous about seeing her again but the moment I laid eyes on her...I knew everything was just the same and was fine. We spent a lovely afternoon taking in a leasurely lunch (something I never eat), chatting up a storm and winding over at my coffee shop. Then, I took her to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it had just opened in England I knew she had to see it. Did I mention that she comes from England and that's why I never see her?? Well, then there was dinner and the parting. I wish she had a bit more time here but she was down only for a wedding so had very little time. I love that crazy British broad :)

Tuesday and the surprise was how devistated I felt at seeing and talking with Ben at the shop. He and his boyfriend had just gotten back from Disneyland. Ah....Disneyland....I shall be there in a few months! But what kinda brought me down was that I wanted to tell him everything I had been thinking about him. I wanted to tell him how I had this crush on him. I...realized it was useless and ridiculous for me to do any of that. Guess it just sort of sunk in that again, I was alone and this one time posibility was now forever dismissed. At least for a while I had a chance to dream about someone again ya know? Dreams just don't dissipate easily for me. So, I let myself feel bad about that yesterday. I guess I was just too tired to care about putting up any kind of "face" after a while. I know I got extremely quiet (what I do when upset) and then just bolted after work. Rented some horrendous movies that aren't worth the price of the dvd they're on...and napped. Hopefully my Netflix are in my mailbox so I can expunge the horrid taste from my mind of the other films with something I actually know I might like.

So that brings us up to today. The shop I work for was robbed...again. Second time in the past 6 months. Everything looked normal when I got there this morning. The alarm was set, etc. When I went to make sure that I had a reg. drawer for the bills. All the bills were taken, none of the coins, the laptop of my boss was still there. Some fucker had take just the cold hard cash. So, I got the fun of calling my boss around 7 and telling him, calling the police and filing a report with them, and working my regular shift after making a new drawer for today. I have my idea of what may have happened but the long and short is that my boss is out some more money. Fucking sucks! I swear if I find out it was an employee I'm going to go postal. My boss is one of the greatest people I have ever worked for and he doesn't deserve this dammit! Just pisses me off.

My weekend? Well, I watched all of OZ season 3. That's it. I should have been working on my play for class seeing as it's due this week and it's the final play...but no. I took the weekend to be a slug. I have no idea what to write about either. Kinda cutting it close with only 5 days to write the show. I have some ideas bugging around in my brain but I just haven't started yet. That's the hardest part for me lately. I thought about writing something in the vein of a horror play but I can't find stuff that frightens me. (I'm a tough guy to scare basically) I thought about writing about my family but I can't find the interesting story. Oh there's drama...but where's the interesting story? I even thought about writing a play about the homeless seeing as I was one of them for over a year. I just don't know. I think I may have come down with a slight case of...depression. Just general meloncholy really. Maybe it's all been just too much work and not enough fun in my life lately.

I hate bitching on here. That's why I stopped writing my Live Journal a long time back. I was just venting my spleen over there and ... scared that I'm doing that here. The problem is though, it's me. It's where I am lately headspace wise and life wise. I know I'll feel better soon because I always do. Guess it's just a reminder that you have to go through the crap to come out with a rose blossom eh? What I could do with is a vacation though...or just a break in my routine. Ah Sir Toby Belch said, "It's all one."

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