Sunday, August 07, 2005

School is officially OUT!

It's done. Over. Finished! I never thought I would be back in school when I left the University I had attended. I thought I was through with it because it seemed to hate me, and I hated it right back. I'd even spit in it's eye if I could. This online class though really pushed me, and for once I liked it. It felt good to have a deadline to be up against again. Most of my life is spent knowing what I have to accomplish and it's not that much. Deadlines to me were merely making sure I had my orders ready so when the vendor called I didn't have to run around. I think I'm going to miss this a bit, but I'm sure after a small break, I'll be back at writing again.

Well it's official that I will soon be driving a Honda instead of my little 78 Toyota. I'm gonna miss the old gal. If I never told this story, here's how I got the car....
Almost 5 years ago, I was homeless, my car had be reposessed and I was a miserable man living in the attic crawlspace of the shop I work at. An Irish couple who were customers were moving back to Ireland and wanted to know if I wanted their car. Well, I wasn't picky at all and told them I couldn't afford to buy a they gave it to me. Five years of fighting with it, spray painting it because I couldn't stand the color, pumping cash into it when the breaks went..and the head gasket..and now she's going to be out of my life. I've thought about what I'm going to do with her. I was thinking donating her to a school that has an automotive class, but I think I want to pass her down to someone that really needs a car. There has to be someone out there that could use a car that runs (and doesn't actually take a lot of upkeep), who would love her and take care of her until she just stops running anymore. Here's what my baby looks like currently. Please note the Captain America on her window! The delicate colors of purple and green. Ah me, that took a long time and a lot of frigging spray paint. I know I'm going to miss her so I think I'll take some newer pictures of her to upload before she's gone.

Another week begins for me. This time though, there's nothing to be done at night, or in the afternoon except the typical day to day bullshit I usually go through. I think I shall spend tomorrow night by playing as much as I can on some game....any game...or just chatting on the computer until my eyes buldge out and I have to tell people "Hey, I gotta get up and go to work so I gotta go folks." and hate having to end the conversations. Yeah, life is going to feel a bit strange with nothing to write, so I'll probably try and find more interesting stories to throw your way, or maybe I'll just ramble through my own mind a little bit more.

And hey...what do ya say about my flashy bling bling fashion sense? Anyone but me still like listening to the band LIVE? Ah well...I suppose not.


angreeblkcub said...

congrats on finishing your class babe!!! Doesnt it feel good to have completed it? Wish me luck for this Thursday. *mwah*

Ryan said...

Honey we need 2 go shopping k?

j/k :)

Michael said...

Lol! Ain't that the truth. But, I am jeans and Tshirt kinda guy:)