Thursday, August 25, 2005

Oh but I am a robot

Oish what a little sleep will do for ya. Not feeling like I want to rip peoples head off anymore, not feeling like a zombie on the rampage, and definately...not at work. I don't know if it's that I needed the nap, or if I just need to eat better or what, but I thought I was going to kill someone at work today. I really did. My blood pressure kept rising steadily throughout the day and part of it is due to my coworker.

I may be a bit obessive about work. I know that it's entirely possible to have a good time and still do what you have to do. That's not that hard to understand is it? When your coworker is just standing around and flappin his gums while customers are waiting for their drinks...well that starts to bother me. I swear I was running circles around him today. If it weren't for the fact that we were hellaciously busy, I would have thought about just sending him home and doing the whole damn shift alone. (believe me, 7 hours of barista work alone is NOT what anyone wants to do)

And then...there was Ben. Again timing is all wrong with this guy. I wanted to ask for his email adress, or phone number, or something just so I could talk to him outside of the cafe. I know he has a boyfriend. I know that. It's not like he's going to mystically fall in love with me, but else am I going to actually speak with him and get to know him? Do I want to bone him? Well, I don' t really know. I'm a romantic at heart. I'd like to wander down the streets of SF or somewhere with him hand in hand after a dinner somewhere. I'd like to find myself in his arms, or wrap my arms around him while we looked at the ocean. God I'm a sucker. But who doesn't want someone to do that for them, or allow them to do that to them?

My friend Pat is going to be in town next week. Wierd!!!! I haven't seen him for maybe 5 years or more and this will be the first time I have since he moved away. I saw a recent picture of him and damn, the boy has changed and luckily for me grown up as well. He still sounds like the old Pat thought. I had such a friggin crush on him when I met him and was convinced I was in love. Funny how you can fall for your best friends isn't it? So, I'm a little nervous at seeing him again, but I'm pretty happy to know that he was looking for me all things considered. Friends pretty much rock my world ya know?

Speaking of, I am off soon to go and see Jason Turtle play at a cafe near me. Nice mellowish music, so it should be a fun evening. But tomorrow? Outside of picking up a keyboard I'm buying off a friend, who the hell knows. I may just videogame myself into oblivion or drink rot gut liquor til I'm a slug in the gutters but I know one thing.....tomorrow is Friday and that means freedom from work! WOO HOO!


Ryan said...

your weekend going good I hope!

Michael said...

Well I'm hoping it's off to a good start. I feel asleep and my "little" nap turned into around 5 hours of sleeping. God I love Fridays hehe