Wednesday, August 17, 2005

System under control

Well I'm definately feeling more myself today. I have not idea what my damage was yesterday. Bloody emotions. Sometimes I honestly think twould be easier if there was a breaker system so you could just shut a couple down when they overloaded.

My dear mother....she of the great state of Texas is after me again to friggin "come home" for Christmas. I mean come on! It's only August for fuck sake! I know that she misses me andI haven't been back for maybe 5 years but damn woman, gimme a break! Home is California now. It has been since I moved out here in 87 roughly. All my friends are out here (well with the exception of the cool folks I meet on line), my job is out here, for cryin out loud but all my STUFF is out here. What part of California is now not home?? Ah the joys of family that you just don't feel like you ever properly fit in to.

Been thinking about my brother that owes me money and how he just had a kid and how I should be emailing him and telling him congrats on being a father but ya know what? I'm petty. Not pretty but petty. I guess I'll email him tomorrow when I'm not so up in arms thanks to mom. I mean it is a big deal, really. This is their first kid and the third of a new generation for my family. I suppose I should be excited but they never call or write or email me so it's kinda hard to be all happy happy joy joy about it. Sigh...again I am the black sheep (baaa hehe). No kids coming from me as far as I know. Well, unless guys can get pregnant and someone decides to wanna date me. Still, I guess he is my brother for better or worse and I'm kinda stuck with them so I should say something to them...right?

My buddy in West Virginia....if yer reading (and I hope you know who you are) this, hang in there brother. I know that things can get tough but I'm out here pulling for you. I'll be yer own personal cheerleading squad if ya want, but you can't get me to dress in them short skirts! :) Just know that I'm thinkin bout you my friend. Offer to talk still stands.

And so...that's the excitement in my life right now. Nothing going on but the rent and the cellphone bill that I have to call and yell at them about. Speaking of yelling about things actually...where the hell is my audioblog?!?! least tomorrow is Thursday and I can dream of sleeping in soon! Woo! Yuppers I sleep in until maybe 10am on a Saturday! Boy I'm a madman hehe.

So, that's all from this end of the world. Y'all get one more little peak at me. Maybe I can take a good picture of myself....but damn I need to shave.

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