Thursday, August 11, 2005

She's gone daddy gone

Well it's been a hell of a day already and I have one more before I go see WICKED in my new Honda. I don't have any pictures yet but there will be some. I'm a very happy man but...before I go any further. One of the folks that I read (as much as I can when he posts), Ryan was in a car accident with his dad. Report is that he's doing ok with a broken arm and some cuts and scrapes but both he and his dad aren't really any worse off thank God. He seems like a really good kid so visit his site Boy in Atlanta over there on my roll bar so you can find out how to send him a get well email. Sides, you'll probably wind up liking his blog as much as I do.

So I drove to the DMV today with great fear of everything taking forever for me to get the title transfered. How much it was going to cost was a mystery. I had to get new plates, and I still have to call my insurance company and have the new car put on my policy. Well, believe it or not, the DMV took maybe 20 minutes total without having an appointment! And how much was this grande endevour? Only a mere $56, so I feel pretty justified in being extremely happy. I even let out a little bit of my Texas blood as I drove home for the last time in my Toyota. I gave a good "Yeeee-ha!" as I sped down the road.

She was a good companion for the past five years. She took me everywhere, and when she started getting uppity, I did what I could to make her run better. She was my home for a while literally. She kept me safe when I drove her, froze my ass because the heater wasn't the greatest, but kept me getting to work on time. Now it's time to retire her. I'm going to sell my baby to a friend that needs her more than I do right now. This is what she looks like courtesy of several cans of spray paint.
Purple and Green...Mardis Gras colors. She's a 78, an old lady but I had my friends inside and out.

I love my superheros who will be following me to my newer car. I definately will be taking the skull shifter nob! But that radio...that 1970's radio. That stays! The new Honda actually has a cd changer in it. I can have 10 discs of whatever I want to listen to rather than having an ancient radio where I had three presets for FM only. Of course the down side is that I need to connect the radio in the new Honda. I've gotten rather addicted to NPR in the afternoon and evening drivings. Keeps me up to date with what's going on somewhat and since I don't read the papers or watch the Tv news....I need someone to tell me what the hell is going on out there in the world. The Mardis Gras beads are coming too. Those I caught at the 2001 Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Sure I have more of them....a hell of a lot more...but those seems to really need to be with me in the car. Good ju-ju factor.

I'm starting to feel like I have a new lease on life sort of. I'm free again. My baby there kept me around town mostly. I couldn't go extremely far, couldn't go up to SF because of the hills and her brakes (and lack of a parking brake), or over to Santa Cruz because highway 17 is a death trap to begin with and in my Toyota? No friggin way! It is going to be really wierd tomorrow though. Sure I drove the new Green Bomber tonight, but I know that old habits die hard and I'm possibly going to get into my Toyota out of default. Na..probably not but it would be something I would do heh. Now, if I can just get all my finances fixed up as easily as I got this car....I'm gonna be so golden that the sun will cry!

Get Well Ryan! And be safe all my other friends. Ya may not know me from Adam (Hi Adam hehe), but in my mind, you're all future and potential friends....if not friends already.



Anonymous said...

Good luck with the new car!

Michael said...

Thanks man. Hey, tried emailing you from your site but you didn't have your email addy up so I couldn't :( Dig your bike by the way cause I finally found the picture on your blog. Color me jealous!